10 Best Organizations for Writers

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10 Best Organizations for Writers

10 Best Organizations for Writers

Here is our list of 10 best organizations for writers. Join these organizations if you can, they have a great deal to offer writers. These are not in any particular order. Some of these sites will be better for you than others.

Writing is a lonely profession, many times, organizations give writers a chance to be around others who share a common lonely experience.

We want to make this disclaimer: we have not joined and are not members of all of these groups. Please do more research before joining!

This is also part of our 102 Best Sites for Writers. Look for more coming soon.

1. Horror Writing Association
This is a terrific organization of professional writers. They offer many programs that help horror writers. They even have a “mentoring” program for young writers. If you write horror you should be a member.

2. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association of America
This organization has members who give great advice to one another. They have very good resources for Science Fiction and Fantasy. Please take a look at their Why Join SFWA.

3. Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
This organization is very good at helping Children’s authors navigate the world of publishing. They offer grants and other programs for writers.

4. The Author’s Guild
You must be a published writer to join, but members enjoy many perks. They even have free contract review! Take a look.

5. American Society of Journalists and Authors
These guys deal with non-fiction writers. This is a very lonely section of the writers population. Non-fiction writers and journalist can enjoy many benefits of this society. Take a look at their Why Join ASJA page.

6. Romance Writers of American
Lonely Romance writers can find companionship on this site. They even have an online community. Check out their services.

7. The National Writers Union
This group is for freelance writers. Check out their Members Benefits page.

8. National Association of Writers
They have been helping writers connect with each other since 1998. They are growing and may have a chapter in your state.

9. The International Women’s Guild
Here is a writing guild specifically built for women writers. Take look at what they offer.

10. National Novel Writing Month

This is different than the other organizations on the list. It is a group of writers, but they have a single goal. Every November (national novel writing month) they push their members to write a novel. If you write fiction, this can be a great thrill to try to push yourself as much as you can to write something great in only a month. Check them out.


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  1. This website was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me. Kudos!|

  2. I am a Biku Lama Writer of Soinam Book

  3. I am st.magnus chibuike Nkemjika, writer of epic

  4. Is poetry society of america anywhere close to the list


  6. Hello
    I am Sara Fathi , single , 30 years old , Masters Degree in Microbiology , from Zanjan city , Iran . I was born when my father died .
    My life began with mercy and grace. I decided to start my context with a bitter memories of childhood. Because of my talent and diligence, I was proud of family in pingpong and singing in province and country level. I have an aunt and my cousin critisized my efforts cruelly. All of these critics showed a concept: I am disable. Silence means tolerance not respect. In that time, protest to adults shows impudence and rudeness. I am sure that true compassion is different from other’s interference and jealousness. It isn’t wise my private future was preidcted by others. Actually, why am I disable? my efforts were useless with my mother indifference. Sometimes, her indiffernce and critics was with my reaction. My life condition is hard in all aspects. My mother believed that I am disable. If she was hopeless, why she invite me to more effort. After years, I knew that my mother wasn’t hopeless of me. She was dissapointed from her fate. If she was silent, she suffered. I was result of her youth. I was all of her hopes and dreams. She suppose that if I felt disability, I became more power full. Unfortunately, it was over vain. My long lasting dream being fullfilled. These dreams was with disability . I lost that campaigns. I was talented, but I didn’t try. This sense in me was like HIV virus influence on body defense system. I wasn’t feel fighting. I get used to routine. I am not glad. I know that I must believe to Charles Darvin law. Natural choice remains from stable people with higher vital power not among more people and their differences and incompatible and less compatible are omitted. I don’t want to omit. My dream was to wear white laboratory clothes and doing research acitivities. I want to believe that I have more abilities for my dreams and other’s negative thinkings doesn’t have any effect on my future. I was a victim of false expectations of myself and everyone around me. I am still much opportunity for success and dreams . I do not wanna pity someone just trying to repechage for life .
    It may be meaningless to say personal private problems of life in a foren context. I say my story of life from far point to, so I am trying to achieve my dreams. My father sacrifed himself to defeat from our country in war between iraq and iran . He wasn’t man of war and politics. He was a simple soldier with not big dreams. Health, love, happiness ,wealth and hope are properties of our family. My mother was 16 years old, when my father died. It means that she was a teenager that perforce accepted our responsibility. Spouse of beatifull, young and proud was killed. Her children were orphan, and she was widow and was considered as a threat for married women in family, relatives, nieghbors and etc and also she was considered as bait for sensuality and embarrassing niusance for men( poly gamy law). We got the power to the grownd. My mother didn’t get married. She spent all her youth on me and my sister. There is no way, she must be power full, partial electricity wiring to water piping and working in buildings and repairing cars. There was no men in our home and she had weak strength. So, she needed other help to do heavier works. Of course, she was humiliating. In winters, she was the only women that shoveling snows. In that times, I was ashamed of my mother working and I felt that our pride was broken. Her heart was broken from harrasement, other intervention, snooks , life chaos and humiliations and etc. these was caused our self-esteem and peace ruin in our family. Our understanding from continence was wrong. We thought that every one can say to us what they want .smile ans silence was the only answer to it. It may be because of helpless. We needed a little love. We forgot our selves and problems and sorrow for people that didn’t need it. Mom’s behavior caused more expectations from others. Family marriage has fans in heare . When I was 15 years old, I was selected by my aunt to marry with her boy in following years. 15 year’s old isn’t suitable time to think about marriage. I had big purposes. I was noble, calm, shy girl that I studied well. Because of my interset in medical science like Aboalisina , I will hope to be doctor. I cooked different kinds of cakes in 13 year’s old, I was happy, I was table tennis noble, I was singing and I was a professional swimmer, teenager writer and I read Sadi and Hafez . I talked higher than my age. I was polite. So, every one made me on jealus. I was at the mercy of these people. Unreasonable abuse, their insult and critiques, silence and more respects that was more than 10 years. This caused resentment and disagreement in our family. I don’t show my self as a unfortnate person. But, it was true. My teenage was accopanied with my mother comparisons, critiques and my defense, defeat and finally crying and disappointment. Comparison broke my pride. It was a war, that I didn’t know the real problem. The smallest problem causes to big problem and unforgivable sin that affected my successes. There was no intimacy in our family .every one told in every where, every moment that I don’t have enough competence. I believed that other people were better than me and my position wasn’t sufficient. I had more big dreams with high pressures. Our baseless discussions caused we got weaker.
    When I was 24 years old, I experience the most sever state of depressing. I didn’t live, I just breathed. Frequent cryings and self- mutilation converted to heart beating. Death was better than my mother’s critisim. I hated of my mother and god. It may be selfish. Beatifull nature, desert, jungle, mountain and every where could be a place for my beseech god. My body was in family but my soul was searching a place to alone with god. If I went to mountain climbing, I reached to top of mountain with my trust and belief in god. I wrote letters to god with tearfull eyes and left them in rivers. I tried all of remembrance and prayer in religious place . I wanted to become better, but it has no effect on me .there was no miracle and god was cold hearted. To compensate my programs and promises in past, I was faced with broken promises. I forgave myself and I promised to compensate them. But . I don’t have good mood, these breaks caused me to get worse.
    Sometimes, I feel who is a main culprit? Me, our problems caused our spirit got more resistent, if there is a intimacy in our home. I was one of the best persons in my lessons, social relations. My frustration began when my pride was broken. It was like a contagious virus that paralyzed my family. I was sacrifized for other’s jealousy. It was crully that others were guilty and I was innocent. I has failures. But I was teenager. Comparisons ruined my self- steem. If you believed it, ypu must be disabled.
    Momy! One of my concerns in my childhood was your wooers and adults speech that you must married and has a boy. It remembered nights that I cried secretly and silencely. I didn’t understant the reason. But I had a big sorrow. My mother was so close to me and she worried for me. My mother was alone. Her share from marriage was 2 years. She claimed that she was alive because of me and my sister. She wasn’t my enemy. I am sure that most of boys are waiting to marry me. But, I didn’t fall in love to marry and became a mother. I am a young, beatifull, intelligent, and solemn girl that will forget all of bad years. Because I believed that world doesn’t need a defeated person. And a person who destroyed herself , it is a pity not respected. I passed more years with anti-depressant pills. I see the new opportunity and I will be happy. I am young and in the beginnig of the pass. I have the spirit of 14 years old girl that wants to follow her dreams. I am eager to learn and work, I am not tired, because I didn’t try. my goal is to reach calm. Sarah has ability to do big works. She may become a scientist and live more years. She decide not to be repressor and not to hurt anyone .she respects big and honor people, she wants to live like them. She hopes, there is no war in no place. Because Sarah is paying the price of a war.
    I am going to write my biography . maybe I help others .
    Thank you for your attention .

  7. Hello sir,
    Am Amena by name…..from Nigeria, am twenty-seven years old. Urhobo by tribe from Delta state. Am good writer, i could write novels and dramas….if given the chances to show case my talent. Am leaving in an environment in which……you could only show case your talent, if you have the financial muscles. I take writer not only as a career….but also as a calling. Cos writing filled me with lot of happiness, and i deprived joy from it. I love writing about life, and also metaphysics….love writing good Africa tales, that its full with love and surprises. It would be of great help to me sir, if you could grant me the opportunity to bring my talent into reality, having this gift…..its a blessing, and it’s more blissful……if given the opportunity to show case it to the whole wide world to see…..I have a dream, which it’s to become the best author in the whole of West Africa. I started writer good stuff……when i was Eleven years old, but i don’t have the support to promote or print any of my article……..and to make you convinced that am good, have prepared a short writing stuff for you to read?
    Long time ago, in the Western part of the world. Live the most Beautiful Princess, her beauty shines like the moon in the night, and her voice make the deer run in excitement. And the peacock dance with joy. Her beauty makes the heart of men to go crazy and whoever have seen her wanted to see her again. Kings, Knights and Noblemen allover the world travel far just to sees her, and wish she was their Lady. She found no affection likeness in those kings knights and noblemen. She fell in love with a Gardener name Marcos, Marcos was poor and from a Liberal family, but was gentle and well manner. He won the heart of the princess through is sweet words and singing, she realize that anytime she with Marcos she felt this peace, happiness that was so hard to explain. The king was worried and surprise and he called the princess. He say my daughter, why don’t you have a rethink and choose from those kings knights and noblemen or how you crazy….Then she replied. Love don’t care who you are, where you’ve being, where you came from. Love don’t cared at all?
    Hope to hear from you sir, have a great…..and my regards to your family?

  8. i really like poet.. thanks for posting this

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