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Welcome to our 2019 $500 Halloween Horror 50 Word Story Contest. Yes, that’s right. It’s already here. Every year we run our contests, and those of you who have been frequent readers, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

First we will be doing a print issue! We will be doing 2 print issues, and we will pick entries from this contest to be in our issue. If you had a 50 word story designated to be in our print issue, from a past contest, please contact us.

Second, we will be giving out a $500 reward for the best 50 word horror story. This is not easy for us. Every Writer is not doing as well as it did in the past, but we want your stories. I believe writers should get paid for their work. I wish we could pay all of our writers, but it’s just impossible. So $500 for 50 words, I think is a unique and valuable statement to our readers. Ten dollars a word is what all writers really deserve.

So here are the rules:

• Story must be scary
• Story must be 50 words
• Story must be original and your own
• Story may not be published elsewhere
• Story must have a title (does NOT count in word count)
• Deadline is October 25, 2019
• Enter as many times as you want
• Story must be written in the comments below!
• Be nice or be disqualified

I love these stories. This is one of favorite traditions of Every Writer. I look forward to this every year, and this year I have extended the time we are going to spend with the contest.

The winners will:

• Be announced on October 31, 2019
• Will get $500
• Will be published in our digital and print issue.
• Will get an author page on our site

Due to the large number of entries, we will need a couple more days to announce the winner. We are working as quickly as possible. The winner has been contacted, and we will announce soon. 


There is no entry fee for this contest. It would help us out greatly if you would donate 1$ or more, if you can, to help out the site. We would really appreciate it. A donation will not be considered in the deciding this contest.

Thank you!

If you want to keep up with me on Twitter, please follow me at @everywriter, I follow back all writers.

Good luck, and let the writing begin.

Richard Edwards has a BFA in Creative Writing and Journalism from Bowling Green State University and an M.S. in Education from the University of Akron. Managing editor of Drunk Duck, poetry editor for Prairie Margins, reporter for Miscellany, Akron Journal, Lorain Journal...check our About Us page for more. Also here is info on our On Classic Articles


  1. Don’t Speak

    Blood dripped from beneath his shirt. His heart raced faster as his legs attempted to keep up. Down the dark hallway he went, only turning once he’d reached the end. There it was, crawling, in all it’s dark glory. With clawed hands stretched toward the boy, the end was near.

  2. Continuation of Solitude
    The last person on earth sits in a room. It’s locked. It’s been years since they’ve had the nourishment of any company. Then, a knock is heard. They rush to the door, take the locks down, open it… Noone’s there. They’re left wondering if they heard anything.

  3. Long Limbs at the E.R.

    The patient’s arm began itching excessively at home. Not long after, her pores formed a large, pus-filled boil, which eventually sprouted a dozen spider-like legs, moving, almost dancing, without distance.
    Screaming in panic, she ran into a bus at full stop, yet she survived.
    Her arm, however, was never recovered.

  4. Diary of A Vampire.

    I switched the light on as I was having a nightmare,I was amazed seeing my room walls covered with blood.I tried to scream but I couldn’t.I felt cold blood running down my body,I started licking it,Yummy I was addicted to it.That how I became a vampire!

  5. Wanted:

    I still have no idea why I’m here handcuffed to a medal table in my pajamas …
    a few people walked by gawking through the window!
    I scuff to myself “Like I can’t see them?” I shake my head what the hell did I do? I can’t remember the past few days!

    The door swings open and slams against the wall and a short bald beer bellied guy strolls in and slams a manila folder in front of me yelling …

    “Why did you do it?” I slide my eyes from him to a tall athletic man who had followed in behind him. “Don’t you look at him, I’m talking to you … answer me!!” he shouts.

    “Hey, hey; calm down Domínguez!” give her a chance to speak.
    I glance down at the folder, then back up at the dude who’s breath smelled like corn chips and sigh.

    He slams his fist down grumbling “Useless woman; I know you did this … as he waves his chubby finger at the file … ‘then theirs all that blood … he yelled!
    For the first time I glanced myself over; blood soaked my hands were sticky I began to panic; then I caught the scent. I glanced up through my lashes; my eyes flickered to each of the men.

    I was no longer shackled to the table and both men began to move away from me to hover in a corner, I smiled through my gritted teeth …
    “You were saying??” I whispered.


    Janae tiptoes across the plush carpet in Bryson’s office, looking for signs of an impending engagement while he sleeps in their bed. In the desk drawer, she finds a receipt for nylon rope, duct tape, rubber gloves, bleach, shovel, tarp, and reciprocating saw. In addition, a half-dozen dirty wedding rings.

  7. The Bargain

    By the time it was in my hands I was so thirsty I drank the whole thing. I hadn’t meant to, but it was so deliciously sweet. They said it wouldn’t kill me, and I’d hoped that part was true until the first one crawled out from under my fingernail.

  8. It was time. I had been ill for along time, but after tonight, it would all be over. Death had promised me he would come for me tonight. As I layed there, ingulfed with pain, death came just as he had promised, and took away my pain. He caried me to land of happiness where there was no pain.

  9. Blood scented
    I felt large arms wrap around my neck. I tried to scream but it was too late. I breathed in for the last time I smelt blood from the large arms. I wasn’t his first victim. Oh no my sister! I thought as my life being drained out of me.

  10. The day we all died
    It was just a normal gloomy day. Until the power instantly went out. The walls became wet I couldn’t tell from what. Till the power came back, the walls were drenched in blood. Lifeless bodies were everywhere . My hands were clenching a bloody ax. What had I done?


    While Billy sleeps off his adventures, legless spiders descend. Scorched ants, smashed lightning bugs, and a chipmunk who gurgled out its last breaths with pellets in its lungs rise from beneath the bed. Robins eviscerated by a dull pocketknife beat their wings upon his window. Tonight, they satisfy their curiosity.

  12. After the hurricane

    There’s no much left of it, I can see the front yard now.
    The bones are coming through my both broken legs.
    ¡If I close my eyes, if the pain just stop, if the ceiling just smashed my head!
    I better die soon, but the rats won’t wait. They’re here.


    Annabelle drags her naked Dolly down the hallway. Dolly’s head ricochets off creaking floorboards. Dolly was stripped for lifting her skirts around men. Annabelle scrapes the sharpest kitchen knife along the wallpaper. Tonight, before he visits her, Annabelle will teach step-dad not to touch things he shouldn’t touch.

  14. You’ll take care of my body

    As usual, I close my eyes and savor the strong aroma of my coffee.
    The soft scratching of my dogs’ nails in the door reminds me of your last words.
    It wasn’t ease, but was attainable. Takes me so long to realize, it’s starting to smell. The dogs must know.


    Tonight, Greg and Danny break into the Johnson house and snatch up the valuables. The boys creep through darkness, past lampposts and towering trees until they reach their treasure. “Just like we planned,” Greg says. But it seems that someone has already collected. There is blood all over the walls.

  16. The Plastic Anarchist

    Gib lived as any liberal arts student could, by burning bridges, instigating expulsion. His father was infuriated.
    His girlfriend helped him exhibit his rebellions into an art show.
    Opening night, Gib’s girlfriend led his parents through.
    Gib’s father applauded as his son drowned in an aquarium of purified spring water.

  17. Mr. Delicate

    Cigarettes lead to cancer, but not always.
    During his smoke breaks we called him Mr. Delicate. He’s a weary-eyed busybody.
    He had us reinforce the doors and windows.
    I was never happier than when he went out to smoke and the zombies came, tearing us apart. His face was priceless.


    The medication was new. It made her sleepwalk, but no more depression. Thanksgiving morning would be beautiful, especially with the new baby. Their second. She yawned, stretched, and went over to the crib. No baby, but a lukewarm turkey. She ran to the kitchen for the oven, left on overnight.

  19. Cursed

    I caught them whispering in the kitchen the day after my birthday bash, but they refused to talk.
    When they finally told me they’d found the bones of little kitty Snowtoes in the ashes of the bonfire we’d lit to celebrate my milestone, I was convinced I was a witch.

  20. Wendigo
    I ran through the forest not sure which way to go. It was clawing through the trees just behind me. I don’t dare look back at the hairless skinny mutant. I saw it eating a human, and now it wants to eat me.


    I rubbed my eyes. This can’t be true!

    I looked in the mirror, but I didn’t see myself.

    Instead, what looked right back at me was a bloody, headless torso. Of a woman, even.

    What the hell?

    She – it – pointed a bloody, bony finger at me.

    I was doomed.


    I had no idea where I was.

    I woke up in some kind of bed, unable to move.

    No one was around me. No one.

    Where was I? Hell?

    I gradually figured out that I was in a hallway. In what seemed like a hospital.

    What happened? Would I survive?

    The voice boomed at me, but I instantly recognized it.

    It was mine!

    A future version of myself was standing there, warning me about what was to come in my life.

    How? Why?

    “You must not be in Rockport on August 15. If you are, dozens will perish.”

    What now?

    What am I doing here?

    Everything was different. The clothes. The building.


    Suddenly, I stood against a wall. Five men in strange uniforms, speaking a strange language, stood nearby.

    A command came. They pointed their rifles at me.

    Then I woke up.

    Only to experience it again every night.


    The mail box gently shook and the thick smell of sulphur emanated from inside. Lightning sparked and the sound of shrieking banshees came from within. A thick spider dropped from the box’s corner, dangling on its gossamer strand.
    I knew, as the howls grew, it was my monthly mortgage bill.


    “You need to confront your darkest fears to get better,” the state psychiatrist told me, holding a DVD .
    “I think fear led you to kill those 17 people.”
    He put the DVD in the machine and hit “Play”.
    The opening credits to “Steel Magnolias” came on.
    I screamed and screamed.

  27. The Painter

    He painted the interiors of her new house. One man, an entire house. At her mother’s, he seemed harmless, engaging even, as he touched up her elegant dining room. But now, living under her roof while completing the job, the manic history came out. You get what you pay for.

    • Other
      “I love walking through these old cemeteries.”
      “Me too! The tombstones expressed entire lives with just a few words.”
      “Like this one. Hiram Smith: Father.”
      “Or this one,” Sharon said. “Delilah Johnson: Wife and Mother.”
      “I’ve got one,” Dave said slowly, brushing away the moss. “Sean Preston. Other.”
      THE END

  28. The Thieving Monster
    I read the letter, and my blood went cold. No. This couldn’t be. It just couldn’t! I rushed out the door and into the street, my heart pounding. Oh, God, let this only be a dream!

  29. Doom Awaits When There’s No Formula
    I rummage around in the fridge, and my heart stops. No! I whirl around and search the cupboard. NO! We’re out! I turn to the baby in my arms, and she grins at me, as if relishing the horror to come. I’m texting Mom when she screams me into oblivion.

  30. D. J. T. By Faith Handley

    The Cheeto. The Orange. The Orangutan in a suit and tie.

    Nicknames for the scariest being yet. I still cannot believe we have yet to parish underneath his terror .. and his stupidity.

    2016 was the year my living nightmare began, and 2020 is the year I pray it ends.


    The heat rushed up through her body as the sweat poured down her cheeks.
    Another ‘episode’ of her being out of control had come and gone. She sat alone in her parked car waiting for the moment to pass. Her erratic behavior could no longer be hidden. She screamed, “MENOPAUSE!”

  32. The Table

    My heart pounded in my chest as my eyes searched the dark room. I was silent as I sat holding my knees to my chest underneath the table.

    I heard the floor creak. My eyes quickly shifted to the left to see her old, yellow fingers dangling from the table.

  33. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

    Badger, my bulldog, loved to chew on toys—sometimes too roughly.
    One night after drinking, he cuddled next to me.
    I awoke with a hangover, wanting sustenance, noticing a strange color covered all over Badger.
    I couldn’t snap my fingers to call him over. They were gnawed to the bone.

  34. Posted before I saw the comment about signing up. Here it is again.

    RIGHTEOUS FIRE by Chris Miller

    The flames lick and her skin bubbles. Her screams are laughter. The righteous snarl at her contempt.
    “To Hell, witch!” they cry in unison.
    Still she laughs. Higher, more madly than before. Their horror swells. She’s not been defeated, but released. This was her desire all along.
    She has won.

    • The first fall
      by Hyäne Sawbones

      The wind blew through her hair. An easy choice to make. Smile lines snuck out past velocity. Smile lines at knowing he watched, helplessly, as she plummeted away from him, cascading to the safety of the ground. End in impact. But then she heard, his wet screamed laughter behind her.

  35. Sour Ball

    Abby swallowed the candy too soon. It almost blocked her windpipe, but hard gulping forced it down. Immediately, the brown peacoat *whumped* off the coat rack. The neck rose up like a giant snake. It twitched and humped toward her. Frozen with fear, she vomited, and the coat went slack.

  36. The Proofreader’s Curse

    The struggling newspaper chose the wrong person to fire when making cutbacks. “I hope your next issue is riddled with typos,” she muttered bitterly as she cleaned out her desk. She got her wish with the next day’s headline: “Fire brakes out in new condom complex; residence forced to flea.”

  37. The Horror of The Supermarket

    My wife found these kick-butt jeans for sale.
    Due to extraneous circumstances at a party, she tore them.
    When we went to the store to return them, they wouldn’t uphold pricing.
    We needed twenty bucks more to afford a new pair.
    Clipping coupons, THE HORROR consumes us daily.

  38. My Brother Gets Released Today

    There was this tarantula that lived in the light fixtures of my bedroom. When my brother walked in, because he’s bad, the spider with the red Converse high-tops climbed into his ear, making him go insane. If it’s not taken out, he’d stay crazy. He’s the crazy one, for sure.

    I awoke groggy, hazily looking at the baby monitor. Hearing him coo, I forced myself up to check his crib. When I looked down, I found him smiling at me. But I felt something else staring back at me too. I looked harder into the darkness, there it was.

  40. The Inheritance by Tristan Drue Rogers

    A picturesque home in the country.
    His late uncle kept the house immaculate except for one room.
    After the honey moon, his wife walked in to vacuum.
    As he went after her, she was standing beside his uncle.
    He’d make them honest, he told them.
    Till death did they part.

  41. Nice Kitty

    The big cat lapped at the flowing liquid. Distant city sounds pushed into the narrow alley’s thick air. A slanted, strangled light fell on the scene from a room far above, reflecting four bloodied bodies. The animal licked bits of flesh from its paws and stepped out to hunt again.

  42. RIGHTEOUS FIRE by Chris Miller

    The flames lick and her skin bubbles. Her screams are laughter. The righteous snarl at her contempt.
    “To Hell, witch!” they cry in unison.
    Still she laughs. Higher, more madly than before. Their horror swells. She’s not been defeated, but released. This was her desire all along.
    She has won.

  43. Attic by M Ennenbach

    The attic was filled with discarded mementos. She hated coming up the rickety ladder into the dusty room. The last time she had found mother’s doll collection and screamed in terror. Now, as she looked around, she found one of them missing. The sound of little feet came at her.

  44. Dock by M Ennenbach

    He walked alone down the mossy pier. The moon was swollen in the sky above. The waves slapped against wooden boards beneath his feet covering the wet slap of the form rising behind him. He stared into the water, unaware of the horror right behind him watching with murderous intent.

  45. Huddled by M Ennenbach

    She felt the eyes upon her. Burning into her flesh. The low rumble of chanting surrounded her as she trembled and tried to make herself smaller. The blade, the first of many, pierced into her supple flesh without warning. The chants grew louder. The world blurred into fire and agony.

  46. Policy

    The child clung tightly to the man who always kept her safe, but the current swirled and bounced them, pulled them under, gasping water into darkness and spit them out on the shore, side by side, face down and bloating. The yellow haired monster smiled, “See it’s working,” he growled.

    • Too Late by M Ennenbach

      Rancid drippings fell from the rusted gutter. Like tar, it oozed hungrily towards him. He stared in confusion with mouth agape up. He felt a drop hit his cheek as it poured faster. Before he could react it was in his mouth. Down his throat. His gag reflex too late.


      Shuffling sounds. Eyes tightly closed, she lay there, her sweating body rigid. Had it been a dream? The shuffling continued around her bed, and stopped. Heart thumping, she sensed an unfriendly presence. Someone sat on the bed. Heavy breathing. So it wasn’t a story. Sharp, cold metal at her throat…

  47. Facemask

    It was strange sitting in a dentist’s chair in a costume shop. The salesman lit incense and left to get the most realistic mask she had ever seen. Slowly, she lost consciousness. He administered the fatal dose, then made an incision and began to lift her face off the bone.

  48. “Mummy, look. I can touch the ceiling…”
    Mother ignores her son.
    “Mummy. Look up…”
    “Mummy’s busy…” she says, turned the other way.
    “But look…”
    “Aidan- stop-“ she turns her head to look at him.
    Aidan’s hands ARE touching the ceiling above, his arms completely bitten off at his bloody shoulders.

  49. The Raccoon
    Grey and black, big as a cat, sitting by the alley. A raccoon. She’d seen those before, but when it turned, human eyes stared back, when its mouth opened, white human teeth sparkled. It spoke, “Just go home.” She did. A body without eyes and teeth lay on her porch.

  50. Hello all. I don’t want to change the rules in the middle of the contest, but with so many entries, please, please, please, sign up to be a member of our site. I’m going through some of these, and they are great! I’m just getting very nervous about contacting you! If you win I want to be able to tell you. In several past contests I could not contact winner for days and days. And one winner basically was never informed. Being a member is the best way to make sure I will have your contact information. Sign up with the email you used for your entry! Sign up with the sign up button above.

    • Hi. For some reason I can’t log back in to the author’s page I created and when I attempt to reset the password the reset link isn’t included in the email despite saying otherwise. I also attempted to email the given address for EveryWriter to voice my concerns but the email always bounces back undelivered because the inbox is full and whatnot. Hope to have a solution to this issue soon.

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