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  1. That brings us to quite possibly the most intriguing match-up to that point of the season when Oregon comes to Rice-Eccles.
    It is Tennessee’s Rocky Top, Florida’s Old Ball Coach,
    and of course the Gator Chomp and the mighty Tim Tebow.

    Fan evaluations of the seat ranges will give you a great idea if
    the tickets you are bearing in mind are worth what you will splurge.


    I Czech Republic and I would like published a book in the US The story tells the facts about the US president and the author who was at that time in prison in 2009 …..


    The story is intended to convey how life is full of paradoxes sometimes and how relative it is as experienced by a Czech inmate in his position behind bars in the specific community within which he finds himself on one hand, and on the other hand the American president with an absolutely different position and space of the particular surroundings, and in the society in which he is located. The book uncovers how an unimagineable circumstance draws them together. That is the basis of this story! Everything that could have happened and everything that was experienced actually happened as written in this book: Obama’s Protective Star. For interesting insight, the author as a person with an emphatic and mystical soul brings readers to a noteworthy point of view, which can be used to interpret the particular circumstances also somewhat differently, for example by a unique perspective, which is above all human understanding and which is as difficult to understand as the constructed Pyramids.

  3. I have a manuscript that I would like to have published. It’s a pre teen mystery book. How do I do this? Are you interested? I have tested the story on my grandchildren in that age group with spectacular results.

  4. I have four manuscripts the latest is;
    1. and is about neglect and abuse and how young Penny Wood deals with her past.
    2. murder, suicide and sex in China called ‘Night Witch’
    3. and ‘Screwed up’ a story of three men in Pentonville Prison, London and their lives and wives on leaving the Prison.
    4. Lastly a young Adult historical fiction set in the Caribbean in 1555, has fantasy elements.

    Would these genre’s be of interest to you?

  5. Hello how are you:
    I would like to join and be apart of your company. What is your submission process?

  6. Will you accept Romantic Suspense

  7. How do I get piblished

  8. I represent a first time author. She has written and illustrated a Christmas tale for children that explains why we often receive socks in Christmas stockings. The story is titled “Socks”…the story of a small elf who dreams big and makes children’s wishes come true. If interested in publishing this up and coming author and illustrator, contact me at lobodaleslie@gmail.com.
    Leslie Loboda

  9. how do I publish with you guys?. I have nice works

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