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Black Bed Sheet Books


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Nicholas Grabowsky


7865 Valley Quail Ct.
Antelope, California 95843
United States of America

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Publishes hardcover and trade paperback originals and reprints, and ebooks. Publishes 10-15 print titles per year, 10-20 ebook-only titles. Receives 40% of books from first-time authors; 90% from unagented writers. Pays average of 14% royalty on wholesale price for print books, 18%-50% on ebooks. Does not yet offer advance. Publishes book up to one year after acceptance, with an average of 6-8 months. Accepts simultaneous submissions. Publishes fiction and nonfiction of all types, but specializes in horror fiction.

Past titles: Forest J Ackerman’s Anthology of the Living Dead(edited by J. Travis Grundon, contributors include Del Howison, Joe Moe, and Mr. Ackerman himself), Blood Orchard by S.D. Hintz, The Butcher Bride by Vince Churchill, The Gentle Art of Making Enemies by Kevin Mellor, The Last Church by Lee Pletzers.

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What type of Submissions are you looking for?:

Full-length novels, novellas, short story collections, horror genre-related but will look at Science Fiction/Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and the like.
We are also accepting submissions for our EBOOK ONLY line of titles as we broaden our abilities to create and sell them.


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