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computer1So we have a lot of people posting here on EWR: Writing Sense, Literary Magazines, Book Publishers, Course, so on…, but there isn’t that much interaction between the writers on our site at this time, and we’d really like to change that.

We’ve recreated our message boards, and we’re asking that you join. It’s really easy. Basically you have to punch in your email and username, and then boom, you’re in. We’ve been working hard to fight spam on the board, and it was flowing over with spam until just recently. We feel we’ve fixed the problem. The first time you post, that post will be held for moderation after that you will be promoted to a Jr. Member and you’ll be able to post all you want. Join our boards.

Here are our top 10 reasons to join our boards (we couldn’t resist).

1. Meet other writers

Yep, you can meet other writers on our boards. Lots of people are doing what you are doing. They are looking for someone to talk to, and you might be that writer.

2. Express yourself

Even more so than on our site, you can talk about what’s on your mind. Let us know what what you thinking. Better than our site pages because you pick the topic.

3. Promote your work

We like to see people promoting their work. That’s what EWR is all about, and we want to hear all about what you are promoting over there on the boards. Yes literary magazines, self-published books, and anything else writing are all ok.

4. Retro Chic

Yes, it was cool in 2001 and it’s cool again.

5. Exposure

Not the bad kind. We get a ton of traffic and the boards, but up until now no one posts, really, because of the spam. We think we’ve fixed it. We have 20,000 members.

6. UptoDate

You can stay up to date on everything that is writing related (once people start talking)…

7. Ask questions

You can get answers on topics from everyone, not just me or the EWR staff. What do we know anyway right?

8. How others are doing it

See how others are promoting their work.

9. Be part of something

Writing is lonely, and everyone likes to find like minds. I think if you try it you will find that some people are more like you than unlike.

10. We said Please

Really it helps to support the site. Also, if you see something you want to add, we’ll add it, just ask.

Join now!


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