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Our Horror Movie Night

Wow for the first time we will be having this movie night in the spring. Yes, I know it’s always held at Halloween, but this year we are doing a second Halloween movie night NOT on Halloween. So on April 19 we will be announcing the winners of our 50 word contest. We will be talking about old horror movies and old horror movie hosts even. We will be watching the movie The Brain that Wouldn’t Die! It’s one of the worst horror flicks of all time, but that just makes it all that more fun to watch and make fun of.

A mad scientist finds a head and decides to reanimate it in this classic 1960s public domain horror film. So join us here on April 19, 2017 for a chat and the winners! Be here.

We will be doing something new. We are going to be using the website we watch together for this one. It’s a little different, but I think much better. I’m working on having it embeded into our site, but running into issues right now. So head over to Our Horror Movie Night on Watch2gether. We will get started April 19 at 9:00pm.