Creative Writing Prompt 4: Let him go alone writing prompt

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Let him go alone writing prompt

Let Him Go Alone

I have children, and writing prompts with children in them tend to creep me out enough to get me writing. I find that just being on the edge of thinking about my child being in danger in a story, is just scary, unnerving, and I think it pushes me. This writing prompt is one of those prompts that I didn’t want to write. I mean I used this prompt to write a story. The story was difficult for me to write, but I think it was worth it.

I hope that it will get you writing. If you have children it might be a little uncomfortable to write about this, but it will be worth it in the end. It reminds me a little bit of Raymond Carver’s poem “Your Dog Dies.” In the poem he has to bury his daughter’s dog. He writes about it, and the poem turns out so good. Then he hears a women screaming his name while writing.

Using emotions to write, like Frost “Tears in the writing….” quote is much easier than just pushing your self to build tension. It comes naturally when the subject is one that you fear.

Let him go alone

You let your son go trick or treating by himself. He is 10 now, and you feel like he is responsible enough. You tell him to stay on your block or the next. It’s a safe neighborhood.

A few hours later after all the trick or treaters are gone, and all the houses are dark, you are driving the streets frantically. You are on the phone with the police when you see your son walking up the middle of the road staggering toward your car….

Start your story in the comments if you would or let us know what you think of the prompt. If you are interested in more writing prompts you can find many on our Writing Prompts page.  If you come up with 50 words or less….scary and a story, Enter it in our Halloween scary story contest.



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