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Well, it’s time for us to get to know each other. I know many of you are friends with me, Every Writer on facebook or twitter or other sites, but I was thinking we could build a little community of writers here. We had a community before, but it was over run by spambots. This attempt will be different I hope. See our forums here, and join here.

We want a way to get everyone together, for workshops, and for help. We want to talk about things like publishing, rejections, and well fun stuff too. I hope you will consider being part of this. Right now it is a message board, but we hope to turn it into much more in the future. See our forums here, and join here.

Anyway, I’m hoping this will the be the beginning of something exciting for you, our readers, and me the editor. I will be monitoring the boards. So if you have a question ask. Also, if you say recently we put out a call to feature those who write for our site. It would be great if those same people were part of our community. So please give it a try! See our forums here, and join here.

Oh, and if you have any problems with logging in or joining, please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. hello. i am trying to register as a new member to join the community and it’s saying registration unavailable. Should i just try at a later date? Thanks Aaron

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