All Tied Up And Nowhere To Go

?by Jaime Faulkner

The clang of metal against metal quickly snapped Olivia back to reality.

Any second now.

The footsteps got louder, and then stopped.

This is it.

Olivia squished herself against the rear wall, nerves on fire as she braced herself.

Without warning, the sword appeared from nowhere and sliced past her, just inches from her face.

Damn, that was close!

She squirmed, wishing she?d stuck to her diet and managed to lose just one or two more pounds.

Whoosh!? There was another sword, this time scraping past her torso, almost ripping the flimsy fabric of her outfit.

Come on Olivia, pay attention!

She knew the man was enjoying this far too much, but there was nothing she could do about it.? Just my luck to hook up with a psycho!

If only she could?

?but before she could finish that thought, yet another sword came snaking in, this one passing so closely between her thighs that she could feel the chill of the metal against her flesh.

Olivia wouldn?t have felt so helpless if her hands hadn?t been manacled.

She heard a faint laugh and sincerely regretted ever meeting the man who was subjecting her to so much torture.? Why oh why was I so stupid as to answer that classified ad in the paper?

Olivia had counted as many as six swords before he?d shut the door in her face, so that meant at least three other, maybe even more.

And as if on cue, the fourth one came in from the side, almost perforating her breasts like some type of shish kebab.

Just you wait until later, she promised herself as she anticipated the next sword, hoping that there would indeed be a later.

Olivia could feel a twinge of panic building, so when two swords enveloped her simultaneously, she was completely taken by surprise.

She felt something dripping down her thigh, but it was so damn dark that she couldn?t tell whether it was blood or sweat.

Unable to think coherently at all now, more and more of those infernal swords slammed past her, and with each one, she wondered how much more of this she could take.

Everything had gone very quiet all of a sudden.? Olivia tried to remember how many swords she?d managed to avoid, and was sure there had been at least ten.

Maybe that?s all?? Her brain was all fogged up because of the anxiety.

At the same time as a sigh of relief escaped her lips, there was a shockingly loud thud, as what sounded like a metal rod shot down past her head and landed by her feet.


Already sick to the stomach, her nausea exploded when she felt herself being spun around, unable to move, her throat constricted to the point of muteness.

As quickly as it had begun, the motion stopped, and Olivia cursed herself for ever agreeing to help out the local magician.
Jaime Faulkner specializes in short stories, including flash fiction and short-shorts.

He?s originally from the United Kingdom, but moved to the USA several years ago where he now lives with his two Labrador Retrievers, Spring and Summer.

Jaime has a wide range of interests and is an avid reader, which he uses as inspiration for his off-beat stories, many of which have an unexpected twist at the end.