10 Best Organizations for Writers

10 Best Organizations for Writers

Here is our list of 10 best organizations for writers. Join these organizations if you can, they have a great deal to offer writers. These are not in any particular order. Some of these sites will be better for you than others.

Writing is a lonely profession, many times, organizations give writers a chance to be around others who share a common lonely experience.

We want to make this disclaimer: we have not joined and are not members of all of these groups. Please do more research before joining!

This is also part of our 102 Best Sites for Writers. Look for more coming soon.

1. Horror Writing Association
This is a terrific organization of professional writers. They offer many programs that help horror writers. They even have a “mentoring” program for young writers. If you write horror you should be a member.

2. Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association of America
This organization has members who give great advice to one another. They have very good resources for Science Fiction and Fantasy. Please take a look at their Why Join SFWA.

3. Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
This organization is very good at helping Children’s authors navigate the world of publishing. They offer grants and other programs for writers.

4. The Author’s Guild
You must be a published writer to join, but members enjoy many perks. They even have free contract review! Take a look.

5. American Society of Journalists and Authors
These guys deal with non-fiction writers. This is a very lonely section of the writers population. Non-fiction writers and journalist can enjoy many benefits of this society. Take a look at their Why Join ASJA page.

6. Romance Writers of American
Lonely Romance writers can find companionship on this site. They even have an online community. Check out their services.

7. The National Writers Union
This group is for freelance writers. Check out their Members Benefits page.

8. National Association of Writers
They have been helping writers connect with each other since 1998. They are growing and may have a chapter in your state.

9. The International Women’s Guild
Here is a writing guild specifically built for women writers. Take look at what they offer.

10. National Novel Writing Month

This is different than the other organizations on the list. It is a group of writers, but they have a single goal. Every November (national novel writing month) they push their members to write a novel. If you write fiction, this can be a great thrill to try to push yourself as much as you can to write something great in only a month. Check them out.