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Welcome to our 2019 $500 Halloween Horror 50 Word Story Contest. Yes, that’s right. It’s already here. Every year we run our contests, and those of you who have been frequent readers, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

First we will be doing a print issue! We will be doing 2 print issues, and we will pick entries from this contest to be in our issue. If you had a 50 word story designated to be in our print issue, from a past contest, please contact us.

Second, we will be giving out a $500 reward for the best 50 word horror story. This is not easy for us. Every Writer is not doing as well as it did in the past, but we want your stories. I believe writers should get paid for their work. I wish we could pay all of our writers, but it’s just impossible. So $500 for 50 words, I think is a unique and valuable statement to our readers. Ten dollars a word is what all writers really deserve.

So here are the rules:

• Story must be scary
• Story must be 50 words
• Story must be original and your own
• Story may not be published elsewhere
• Story must have a title (does NOT count in word count)
• Deadline is October 25, 2019
• Enter as many times as you want
• Story must be written in the comments below!
• Be nice or be disqualified

I love these stories. This is one of favorite traditions of Every Writer. I look forward to this every year, and this year I have extended the time we are going to spend with the contest.

The winners will:

• Be announced on October 31, 2019
• Will get $500
• Will be published in our digital and print issue.
• Will get an author page on our site

There is no entry fee for this contest. It would help us out greatly if you would donate 1$ or more, if you can, to help out the site. We would really appreciate it. A donation will not be considered in the deciding this contest.

If you want to keep up with me on Twitter, please follow me at @everywriter, I follow back all writers.

Good luck, and let the writing begin.

Richard Edwards has a BFA in Creative Writing and Journalism from Bowling Green State University and an M.S. in Education from the University of Akron. Managing editor of Drunk Duck, poetry editor for Prairie Margins, reporter for Miscellany, Akron Journal, Lorain Journal...check our About Us page for more. Also here is info on our On Classic Articles


  1. Tap… Tap… Knock

    Tap, tap. I sit up in bed. The noise is faint, but undeniably fingers tapping on glass.

    Tap, tap. I dart to the window. Nothing. Tap, tap. It comes from behind me, the mirror. I spin quickly but see only my own reflection.

    Knock, knock. It’s now in the closet.

  2. Surprise!

    A human skeleton hid inside a closet at a medical facility. More than anything, he wanted to leave the closet. He decided he would go with the next person who opened the closet door. Just then, the door opened. He almost fainted because before him stood another human skeleton. Surprise!


    Starving… buried to my neck. Ten days? Twenty? Soil settles between my hollow ribs. Her filthy ankles return… more venison, dripping grease, lowers to taunt me—voices? Rose perfume… “Is it ready, hag?” “Tricksy, love potions! The boy must lust for food ’fore I carve his heart.” Oh, I hunger…

  4. RATS!

    We had been told not to venture into the sealed tunnels beneath the city. Nonetheless, with pick and shovel, we dug a hole. I, however, being much bigger than the other boys, did not fit through it.
    I heard screams. Then, I saw the rats crawling out.

  5. The Darkness Awaits Us All

    It was cold and dark, “Hello!” She shouted. There was no answer, no echo. Whats going on? She tried to stand but couldn’t move, couldn’t feel her body. She tried desperately recalling her last memory, or any memory but couldn’t think of one.
    Just the same reoccurring thought,”I’m dead.”

  6. The Surgeon

    The drug rendered me immobile. All I could move were my eyes, which strained to see the dead around me.

    “They wouldn’t stay still,” the surgeon lamented.

    As a test, he jabbed his scalpel into me. I groaned with pain.

    He positioned his lamp and leaned in. “But you will.”

  7. Write Wisely Friends

    Strapped into chair,
    I stare
    At the skeleton.
    Bedrock walls
    Surround us.
    “You wrote about us!”
    He snarls lifting my book.
    “Stating we rip
    Flesh off humans!”
    Sweating, straps loosen.
    My heartbeat pounds.
    “We don’t rip.
    We burn.”
    He clarifies.
    Then laughs.
    “Shall we Sweetie?”
    Skin burning.
    My screaming

  8. RUN!
    Running faster than I can from the stranger in a dark coat, getting closer, I leap over the partially frozen creek. My shoes are wet, it’s getting harder to move. My lungs burn with icy air. I turn to see his face now grinning. It’s my Dad, laughing. “Happy Halloween!”

  9. Writing with My Father

    The autumn wind cursed.
    The colorful leaves grumbled and coughed.
    The sun stared scornfully, while the clouds interrupted his vision. All of them desired to rebuke me for my sinful acts. My crime: Devilish writing. Every malicious word came true. My father, the Devil, demands “ Human Extinction.” Writing… Wish Granted.

  10. The Creature in the Basement

    I ran down the hallway. I looked out the windows. The other me was doing the same. SHE didn’t know the consequences.

    I heard a loud roar. She tripped and fell. I had to do the same. Its shadow loomed over me. I screamed. She didn’t move. So I couldn’t.

  11. The Vampire’s Abusive Way

    In another’s Mansion,
    He stood
    By the window.
    His silk clothing
    His white fangs
    He walks to me.
    Shaking. Struggling.
    “Don’t you dare”
    I stutter.
    “You think I care.”
    He chuckles.

    Neck positioned.
    Fangs digging.
    Blood dripping.


    Giving Up.


    The trail turned swampy. Lisa, as well as the others, readily complained.
    “This place looks creepy.”
    However, I insisted.
    I pressed ahead.
    Then, suddenly, I heard their cries and turned around. But nobody was there anymore. And at that moment, powerful hands grabbed my ankles.

  13. The Car ride

    It’s dark outside and we still have 6 hours till we get to Colorado. The next town is 2 hours away. All of a sudden the car just comes to a stop. The car won’t start and all I can think of is “what’s in these woods.”


    Okay if I lay down Doc.
    Yah, ve have all ze time in ze vorld. Vhat is ze pwoblem?
    The new tenets. They are driving me nuts. Won’t close doors, and they kind of scare me.
    Oh! You a scaredy-cat. Next time, tink of dis before you kill yourselves.


    Jen went to the comfort room. She was sure that she was alone when she enter.

    She was putting some lipstick when in her peripheral view, she saw someone, a lady copying her while smiling.

    Jen froze and the lady just stared at her while saying,

    “Finally, you are alone.”


    They said the house was haunted. I laughed in their faces.

    The day I moved in, I threw a party for my friends.

    The next morning, the cook woke me up, “I need the large knife. Your friend Rob borrowed it last night”.

    I hadn’t invited a friend named Rob.

  17. The creepy house

    me and a girl called jade went trick or treating and we found this creepy house so we went and knocked on the door and this creepy voice shouted “ use the doorbell kids” so we pressed the doorbell and it sounded like laughter and screaming mixed together.i have dissapeared.

  18. Silent Waves

    Nightfall drapes over Lake Leery. After sunset, no one dare discover what lingers past the shore, beneath the water.

    Tonight, legends are tossed away. Two lovers sway with the waves, floating above vast darkness, unknown. Fear disguised by curiosity.

    At dawn, a shadow crouches among the trees. Watching. Patiently waiting.

  19. Left Alone
    I ran so fast but you suddenly disappeared
    I thought it was weird but I did not hear any sound
    I stopped where you stood and looked for you around
    I started to weep, I don’t know why I’m sad
    In the floor not my tears but red, fresh blood.

  20. Not a Victim
    Walking flimsily, a shadow from afar appeared.
    His right hand is holding his midriff as if he was in pain.
    He was trembling and crying hysterically while looking at me.
    My feet froze in terror and I can’t move.
    He raised his hand that was holding a bloody knife. Run!

  21. A strange feeling
    I woke up, dizzy. The bed was soaking red. There was blood on the walls. I reeled outside the room. A headless body lay in the hall. There she was – my wife, calm and composed, mopping. To her right, was an enormous chopping knife and to her left, my head.

  22. THUMP
    Thump! You hit something. The tire is flat. A little Sasquatch still alive. Bind the wounds. Go for help. A cabin light across the wood. Calm the babe through burning breath.
    Thump! You hit something. Large, green eyes, rimmed with red. A mother’s wrath, and now you’re dead.

  23. “Until It’s Gone”

    Drip, drip, on the floor
    Drip, drip, here comes some more

    Drip, drip, don’t you move
    Drip, drip, more blood you’ll lose

    Drip, drip, the minutes pass
    Drip, drip, life fading fast

    Drip, drip, until the dawn
    Drip, drip, until it’s gone

    Drip, drip, oh what fun



  24. Sober Up High

    The sun blinds his eyes, as his sister’s story ends.
    The silence scared him, watching the blood dry on the sheets.
    The incense is calling “Come and play with her again~”
    The monsters come to the roof with him.
    “Never Again!” he screams before he jumps.
    Now he’s falling down.


    Darkness, we all take a seat while human animals go crazy pulling us in. The wild audience’s maniacal laughter and flood lights causing abnormal hallucinations.

    Black, sticky seats, an hour has passed. She can’t get up. Feeling heavy, feeling numb. “Feeling stuck?” sung a soft voice in her head.

  26. Drowning Into Despair

    Every place Eve goes, seems to remind her of Adam.
    She can’t let it go; he seems to find her.
    “I can’t find you another…” “Every time I fall into Despair…”
    Drinking her tears as they flood the room, the water gets deeper.
    Tying silver to her gown, she drowns.


    Orange blurs scattering fast through peripheral vision.
    60 mph with half a milliseconds reaction time and split hallucinations.

    Driving through cold sweat moving just as fast down shivering skin.

    “Wait!” Ally murmured under pitch black cold air. Checking every mirror, trying to be aware. Dispersing through mist. Unknowing she’s not alone.


    “One red meat grinds down pretty much like another,” said the butcher. “And beef is expensive.”

    “Perfect,” purred the cost-conscious restaurateur who knew the value of seasoning.

    For once he actually wound down the Bentley window on his way home, and grinned at the skidrow homeless.

  29. Down To The Infirmary
    I’m going down to the infirmary.
    To see my Honey stretched out on the silver table, she so sweet and fair.
    I’m letting go, bless her. They will search all over, but they’ll never find my sweet Miss and me.
    Such sweet deadly grace and grave, cause we’ll go alone.


    It was a just a paranoid suspicion at first, but one that became an ugly thought. Incredible, until she considered the whole of it, then undeniable.

    The thought grew legs which became roots, then teeth. The idea (the very idea!) consumed her totally. Ate her up from the inside.

  31. Into The Fire
    My brother was the favored child.
    He always got the best of everything, and I let him.
    When he stole my love, it was a step too far!
    Smug and preening his suit by the fireplace.
    ‘He can have the underworld, but Maria is mine!’
    I just watched him burn.

  32. Final Moments

    My eyes closed for the last time. I tried to scream but had already exhaled my last breath. I felt my myself begin to cool as my heart stopped beating. I heard sobbing around me. I tried to scream but had already exhaled my last breath. I tried to scream.

  33. Please, Will You Help Me?

    Where it’s from is not clear
    Where it goes in a hurry
    Nor even why it is here
    It skitters and scurries
    Up, down—all around I fear
    Won’t someone please help me
    With this spider in my ear

    🎃 💀 👻 🧙‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️ 🕷 🎃


    The party was noisy, fun. They were playing spin the bottle.

    The bottle stopped.. Amy screamed into the gag when she realized it was her turn.

    “Bye-bye, Amy”, whispered Jake, plunging the knife to her heart.

    The bottle started spinning again between other bound women..

    The party raved on upstairs….

  35. Abandoned Bodies
    “I am alive!” My husband cried as he rose from his coffin
    I rose from the grave we shared and joined him in the night.
    They had sent that creature to kill us, they didn’t know that it would turn us.
    He grabs his sword, time to return the favor.

  36. Eva’s Fruit Is Rotten
    Eva has a pretty garden.
    She always invites the boys to come over and play over a glass of lemonade.
    When the date goes sour, her gardens grows lusher.
    All the boys have to play by Eva’s rules.
    Eva’s the queen of the garden, but always play fair.
    Or else.

    • A Girls Night Out

      She’s me
      Im her
      We’re me
      I watch in the mirror as she gets ready.
      Clawing at her eyes, until they’re dark bloody sockets, fresh eye chunks left under her long jagged nails,
      She smiles at me with a disfigured smile,
      I smile back
      I step in, and she steps out.
      Sweet Dreams

  37. A Heart For Sale
    I watched him marry my sister.
    I felt their marriage tear me apart, as I fell from light and grace.
    I got tears in my dress, from running away.
    The pain was unbearable when I saw them again.
    ‘You’ll only frighten them again’
    I finally ripped out my broken heart.

  38. The Time of Prey

    Young Jonathan scrambles through the great-room until he reaches the tapestry. They’re here. They’ll find their way in. He pulls hard on the woven tale of his lineage and it collapses, hiding him beneath the fangs of ancient living family. Hunters of flesh, but now is the time of prey.

  39. Occam’s Razor

    A burnt down condominium and an exploded apartment complex. Over a dozen dead. Why? Clogged dryer vents and a punctured gas line. Easy explanations for questions that lack meaningful answers. All eyes are on the homeowner’s associations, not the man driving a work truck. My pickup with ladders is invisible…

  40. From The Siren’s Lips
    Her voice lured him into the water, near the edge of the shallows.
    Her voice was the only thing with him on this cold night.
    Her beauty bewitched him.
    Her sing enchanted him.
    He had no choice but to go her, into the deep water.
    Even sirens need to eat.

  41. The Monster in You

    That strange tune is playing for him, how unreal as he feels tonight.
    Did he sell his soul to Mephistopheles?

    Tell me please, tell me dear…
    If you made a date with a devil not me.
    Do you know my fate?

    The cold wind just brings out your inner monster.

  42. EAT UP

    He asks her to dinner. She says: come to my place. I’ll cook for you.

    The table in front of him is filled with plump, rotting organs; entrails turning black with age. A knife pushed between his lips cuts his tongue, forces that rot back behind his teeth.

    She smiles.

  43. High Off Of You

    She felt him bite into her shoulder, tearing into the bone and flesh. His hunger rose tonight.
    Others around them were feeding on the flesh of their spouses, and she was famished.
    He was her drug and she was his. She soon bit into his neck.
    “You said I could…”


    “I can’t do it.”
    “General, you know your orders.”
    His finger hovered over the button. “I can’t.”
    “Yes,” a voice whispered, “you can.”
    His head smashed into the button. As he fell, he saw the words NUCLEAR STRIKE INITIATED.
    One blink.
    Two blinks.
    Three blinks.
    Then no one blinked again.


    Nails scraped against the walls.
    She closed her eyes.
    Then came the clacking of heels.
    “Don’t you want to be awake for your last show?” the other woman purred.
    She mumbled a last prayer.
    “Shame.” The woman fired a gunshot perfectly. “Lucky for you, Hell hath no fury like me.”

    • ‘Inside the room’
      I was in my room.suddenly heard mom’s scream.i ran upstairs.the door of her room was open.it was dark inside her room.there was a silence in her room.i tarned on the lights.my mom was stained with blood.there is no one else in her room.she was dead.


    Gasoline shoves itself into every crevice, choking and gagging me.
    “Please, Karma, you don’t have to do this.” I squint through my burning eyes.
    Her mouth quirks up. “Actually, I kinda do. You know what they say.”
    She steps back, lights the match, and tosses it toward me.


    A silent house.
    Nobody asking “Honey, what’s for dinner?”
    She grinned to herself and remembered she had hidden ice cream in the freezer. 
    Shoving her husband’s severed head out of the way, she found the sealed pint of deliciousness. 
    With frozen confection in hand, she sang to him;
    “Hey Honey…Dinnertime!”

  48. MAMA’S BOY

    Mom, don’t leave me out here like this! Please open the door! You’re being cruel and thoughtless, and you’re scaring me! Someone will see what you’re doing to me, and they’ll be mad. Just open the door and give me your other arm! I’m all done eating the first one.

  49. Dead Man’s Fancy

    I learned the thrift shop clothes belonged to a dead man. A dapper style, a perfect fit. Now I have memories that aren’t mine, dead man’s memories of bloody, unforgivable deeds. His victims’ screams became music in my head. Emboldened, I sharpen a knife and venture out for the night.

  50. Mother Earth

    The earth held him back. Tree roots pinching his ankles, thistles slowing him down. He tried to cry for help, but leaves flew into his mouth. He choked. He spat them out. He fell onto the moss. It covered him like a blanket. He was part of the earth now.

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