$500 Halloween 50 Horror Word Story Contest 2019

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Welcome to our 2019 $500 Halloween Horror 50 Word Story Contest. Yes, that’s right. It’s already here. Every year we run our contests, and those of you who have been frequent readers, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

First we will be doing a print issue! We will be doing 2 print issues, and we will pick entries from this contest to be in our issue. If you had a 50 word story designated to be in our print issue, from a past contest, please contact us.

Second, we will be giving out a $500 reward for the best 50 word horror story. This is not easy for us. Every Writer is not doing as well as it did in the past, but we want your stories. I believe writers should get paid for their work. I wish we could pay all of our writers, but it’s just impossible. So $500 for 50 words, I think is a unique and valuable statement to our readers. Ten dollars a word is what all writers really deserve.

So here are the rules:

• Story must be scary
• Story must be 50 words
• Story must be original and your own
• Story may not be published elsewhere
• Story must have a title (does NOT count in word count)
• Deadline is October 25, 2019
• Enter as many times as you want
• Story must be written in the comments below!
• Be nice or be disqualified

I love these stories. This is one of favorite traditions of Every Writer. I look forward to this every year, and this year I have extended the time we are going to spend with the contest.

The winners will:

• Be announced on October 31, 2019
• Will get $500
• Will be published in our digital and print issue.
• Will get an author page on our site

There is no entry fee for this contest. It would help us out greatly if you would donate 1$ or more, if you can, to help out the site. We would really appreciate it. A donation will not be considered in the deciding this contest.

If you want to keep up with me on Twitter, please follow me at @everywriter, I follow back all writers.

Good luck, and let the writing begin.

Richard Edwards has a BFA in Creative Writing and Journalism from Bowling Green State University and an M.S. in Education from the University of Akron. Managing editor of Drunk Duck, poetry editor for Prairie Margins, reporter for Miscellany, Akron Journal, Lorain Journal...check our About Us page for more. Also here is info on our On Classic Articles


  1. Drawings

    I can’t draw, I won’t draw. They change shape and move as soon as I’m done, and all I can do is watch. They attack each other and I have no control. Like I said, I can not draw. I’m not good at keeping it the same. I won’t draw.

  2. Grey

    I roam the white halls. The blinding light making me look grey. I turn the corner and they stop dead. They scream. They run. Repeat. Forever. This madness will never stop. Forever I am trapped. A ghost to all.
    I’m transparent but still here. Help me leave this horrid hospital.

  3. The Demon’s Box
    Having performed the requisites spells and rituals over the course of days, he knew that now the box contained the demon, the evil sentience with a thousand eyes, waiting only for him to open the lid to grant his darkest wish. Opening the box, those eyes feasted on his mind.


    In the mansion, is a view to a kill.
    Crimson stains on the satin sheets, can you feel the chill?
    The descendants of Dracul stir, murmuring curses.
    Falling snowflakes on human bodies, as the king smirks.
    Blood seeps from the human bodies like wine.
    “It’s time to feed my children.”

  5. The Antiquarian
    He rarely speaks to humans now. But when the evangelist came to his door, he let him in. And the children, selling candy; they were invited in, too. Something in his voice and his eyes persuades, against all better judgment.
    His spells need fresh skulls; his soups require fresh meat.

  6. Even Death Gets Visited by Ghosts

    Her face haunts me wherever I go her mouth open in a silent scream. Icy hands trace the name Lamantha on my arm. One night I just can’t stand it anymore I grab my scythe. And walk to the cemetery. I slam my scythe through Lamantha headstone. And I Smile.



    Flashback: Your co-workers. Shots cracking. Trapped. Falling bodies. Panic!


    Flashback: Your friends. Running. Crawling. Blade swinging. Bloodied faces. Terror!


    Flashback: Your family. No escape. Slippery tools. No control.Tortured screams. Horror!


    Flashback: Your house. A broken window. Your bed. Under it. Waiting. Waiting. Your turn!


  8. The Final god

    She deified the lucky numbers and the fortune cookie that revealed them.

    13 knife wounds.

    3 follicles of hair, evidence.

    8 am, time of murder.

    10 days before the arrest.

    A 30 year to life sentence.

    Assiduously, she prayed in the cell, awaiting the revelation of 14, her final god.

  9. The Full Moon is a Killer

    I sink my teeth into an apple. In the moonlight, I see the white flesh of it has turned red I flip on the light bloody footprints cover the floor. I look in the mirror my eyes are yellow. My lips drip with blood. But I don’t remember wolfing out.

  10. DIY

    “See? Just here in the scan? That’s the madman living inside your brain.”

    “It’s unbearable! What’s the cure?”

    “Drill, of course. A five inch bit should suffice. Through the nose.”

    “Yes, I see. I’ve got it here. I’m using a nine incher, though. Better safe than sorry, right, doctor? Doctor?”

  11. Wait for It
    My eyes open. Darkness. I feel myself blink, but I am blind. It’s hard to breath. Panicking, I move my arms and legs; they come up short against the solid walls of my confinement. I push and push again. No give. Where am I? Oh god… The dirt above me.

  12. I smile as the flames engulf the old, abandoned home. Ten years ago, on Halloween night, this haunted house killed my brother and my friends. Finally, I had got my revenge.

    Men in white take me back to the hospital. I hate it here. They say I committed the murders.

  13. The girl
    By: Bianca
    Across the room and yet again the eyes, blood struck just staring back at me,silently. Yet again the girl is back to haunt my nightmares, to “play” with me. Yet again I must stay up because I’m afraid of what would happen if I ever so slightly closed my eyes


    “I can’t perform this autopsy.”

    “Why not? Did you know the victim?”

    “Briefly. For the three fun-filled days she hung in my cellar.”

    “Oh, god. Then it’s you? You’re the Endtown Eviscerator?!”

    “Yes. And I have more bad news.”

    “What’s that?”

    “I won’t be able to perform YOUR autopsy either…”

  15. Were you still asleep?

    It’s already past midnight. You were riding a cab, on your way home.
    Tired of many sleepless nights, you fell asleep.
    Suddenly, a tap from your shoulder awakened you.
    “Here’s your stop, Sir.”
    You took off the cab immediately.
    Still yawning, you looked back and saw your body still sleeping.

  16. The Gaze from Below
    I feel strange pulling in the flesh of my palms, look down at my hands: I see two mouths opening there. They are ravening, fangs clawing the air. Across black lips snake serpent tongues. Above each one, appear twin swellings; skin snaps back, and eyes emerge, of malice and hunger.

  17. Haunted

    My friends keep on telling me that the apartment I’ve rented was haunted. I didn’t mind, actually. Last night, I fell asleep soundly but I woke up feeling heavily. I opened my eyes and saw a bloody doll staring at me. Surprisingly, her lips moved. “Will you play with me?”


    Bobby opens his superhero lunchbox at noon. Four fingers in a stay-fresh bag. A bloody heart stuffed with scalp. Two eyeballs resting in a bowl of grapes. A thermos of…something. The note reads: “Father will not be picking you up from school today. Don’t be late for dinner! Love, Mom.”

  19. In The Darkness

    You open your eyes but see nothing. You scream out but hear silence. You try to get up but your legs aren’t moving. You reach all around and feel nothing.
    Wait, what was that?
    You go back to feel again.
    Something grabs your hand.
    Oh no! It’s dragging you away.


    Teacher’s fingernails scraping the blackboard hurts our ears. The sound of those nails snapping off is even worse, as she claws away with both hands, leaving bloody streaks through the chalk. Worst of all, the squeak of her teeth against the slate. Growling, she turns to teach us a lesson.

  21. BUH-BYE!

    “We’re sorry, sir, but we’ve overbooked. You’ll have to deplane.”

    “But we’re already flying!”

    “We appreciate your understanding. Please stop struggling.”

    “You can’t! I won’t! Shut that door!”

    “Please let go of the door jamb, sir.”

    “This is murder!”

    “Thank you for flying Budget Air!”

    “I still want my miiiiiiles!”

  22. The Face in the Upstairs Window

    Beyond the bedroom window, the faintly luminous figure appeared: a bulbous head, worm’s mouth full of teeth, its eyes full of anguish and hunger. The room was on the second floor. Through the window beside it, the street view was no longer visible. Everything was gone. Its eyes upon me!

  23. Corn Demon

    I peered into the cornfield; the scarecrow. It was closer than it had been the day before. I shut the drapes before peeking through. It was closer, moving on its own. I opened the drapes. The scarecrow leaned against the window, eyes glowing red, blood dripping from its mouth.

  24. From the Wall

    I opened the door to my bedroom. There was a twisted human shadow on the wall. Cast by nothing, it seemed a living presence on its own.
    Slowly, it changed shape, as the figure turned toward me and grew. I couldn’t move. It thickened and rose, separating from the wall.

  25. Death’s Path

    I was dying as I lay alone in the empty hospital room. I felt everything around me growing black as the last pieces of my life slipped away. In my twisted mind’s eye, I saw the horrific faces of my many victims. What would happen next? Then the devil appeared.

  26. Don’t Put on Your Glasses
    Shadows rolled off the bed around. Goblins with fangs and claws morphed into familiar shapes as Martha neglected her glasses and shuffled to the bathroom. “These old eyes playing tricks on me.” Something held out her glasses from the void. She wished to God that she hadn’t put them on.

  27. I am the Conductor. I am the only man in the history of mankind to not only trick Lucifer in his own lair, to escape Hell and to see The Door. Satan is here. I need help. This is the story of your reality right now! This is a warning.

  28. Desert Doom

    Slamming the brakes on the lonely desert road, a coyote steps slowly aside.
    Cursing, I pass on.
    Later on my left, it’s running effortlessly alongside at seventy miles per hour!
    A tire blows.
    Sitting in the disabled car, invisible laughter and footsteps approach.
    How can this be? Skinwalkers aren’t real.

  29. After Hours

    He was a vocal skeptic to those saying the building was haunted.
    Deactivating the alarm and entering alone to finish work, it felt creepy.
    Instantly, a loud bang in front of him. Panic and fear envelops him..
    After hearing a maniacal whisper, “We exist”, the door locks itself behind him

  30. Dream Date

    She asked him out, planned the date, and drove.
    Now they’re on a moonlit hike through the woods to her favorite place.
    “What a night!”, he mused.
    Suddenly, a clearing with a bonfire. In a flash, black hooded figures encircle them.
    She shrieks, “ I said I’d get a human sacrifice!”

  31. You Are A Doll

    The doll smiles at me. Her small mouth perfect, but her icy blue eyes are angry. At what, I do not know. But she’s mad at me. I pick her up.
    “You are a doll,” I tell it.
    Then it gets hot. I drop it, setting fire to the carpet.

  32. Mr. Fear

    It’s cold under the covers. I can see my breath. The bed shakes and I hold on tighter. To what, nothing. My bed is gone and I’m alone with him. Mr. Fear. His perfect smile on his pale face. His suit, looking freshly ironed. He’s holding my covers. It’s cold.

  33. AI
    I noticed something about my classmates.
    They’ve changed.
    They like different things now.
    They talk different now.
    They don’t get hungry now.
    They’re AI’s
    Tomorrow is a special day.
    They say they’re going to change me.
    To me I don’t think so.
    They are going to get rid of me.


    It’s sickening to think about but the world has to know . Period 6 sitting in class. Suddenly over the speaker principal Roper sounding lifeless when he mumbled, “Don’t Trust Them”. Then the gruesome sound of Ropers Throat being slit. Worse part their still out there, not humans, DON’T TRUST THEM!!!

  35. The Hunted Library
    by :Jeanne Yoo

    One day Esther went to the Dracula village, to the famous library called THE WORLD OF BOOKS. In the library, she noticed that people looked scary. Esther tried to go out but something grabbed her, so she turned around and saw a hideous person. Esther was never able to escape.

    By: Esther Lee

    There was a family that owned a mother dog.The dog had a puppy Ara .
    One day Ara was gone! The family looked around the town asked every single person.One of the men said that she went to the HAUNTED FOREST! They found ARA but she was a Barkula.

  37. No One

    He’d been following her for four blocks.
    The crunching of boots on half-melted snow.
    The streetlamps flickered, flaxen safety.
    She ran and the footsteps followed.
    Then, silence.
    She turned. It was gone.
    Again, the footsteps but no one.
    Only the crunching sound of boots and then, her scream.

  38. Daydreams

    She crept silently, cold feet on cold marble trailing crumbs of earth. A single scarlet tear falls on alabaster wiped clean by a delicate pale finger.

    Her shining eyes steal a mournful glance at the soft orange-red dawn before the crypt door closes.

    She misses the warmth of the sun.

  39. Fractions

    Sitting in math class my palms sweat profusely. The equations written across the page start to melt together. Numbers blend together creating tiny warriors, holding the fraction lines as spears.

    They stare at me with a malicious look on their eyes.

    When they jumped, I fell out of my desk.

  40. Investigating the Black

    Pulling up her hood, believing she looked unbeatable, Susie descended the cellar stairs past jars filled with old summer peaches. One jar was bigger, white inside instead of pale orange. Curiosity stopped her. A mouth opened, cracking the glass and a waterlogged skull rammed into her hood, howling for her.

  41. And One Unknown

    He woke knowing the house was empty; just some creepy night feeling. From his window perch he saw four walking toward the dead-end graveyard: Mom, Dad, Jules, and one unknown, obscured in phosphorescent mist. They stopped, now all pointing up, as the phantom nodded and returned to the house.


    A baby cries in the night. I sit up, eyes closed, still half asleep. Pulling myself out of bed, I go to him, my breast ready – feed him, coo to him, finally he sleeps, and I return to bed. In the morning I remember, but I remember: I live alone.

  43. Perpetuam Memoriam

    The founding fathers lie in repose. I stand alert, ready. The chapel, still as remorse. The oaken side door agape. I aim my red redress at the offending figures. The organs bellow, the carillon deafens. I drop the aerosol. The door wheezes shut and limestone grates as the sarcophagi open.


    It straddled my chest, one hand pressing my mouth to muffle the screams. Rotting flesh filled my nose. Its other hand secured behind my ear, trailing a pointy thumbnail just under my eye. As it forcefully pushed in, the pop jolted me awake.

    I sprang up, terrified, unable to see.

  45. Keys turned counter. Engine cooling down. Mothers car parked next to fathers. Walkway clean as when I left.
    Mailbox was empty, address numbers fading. The smell of the oven cooking dinner for four.
    Each step ran rhythmic to my encounter. Trail of gruff left under. The door opened, I saw


    I’m a night-shift ICU nurse: I monitor sleeping patients through a small viewing window. Started last week—remote hospital, but good pay. Weird staff though… Head nurse said, “If a figure appears in the room, leave. Get coffee.” But my call light’s on. And the old woman… she needs me.

  47. In the Shadow of Death

    Suddenly it was night in the middle of the day, and I felt a shadow approach me. As I turned on my torch, what I saw before me sent shivers up my spine, making me gasp for air. It grabbed me by my neck, sucking the life out of me.


    Smelling his butt, something was off. The pack and I kept a watch on this one, full moon and all. Imagine our horror, when our four legged friend transformed into a two legged monster. Still, tastes like chicken.

  49. On a Moonless Night

    It’s the glint of long teeth against the window and the scrape of nails down glass. It’s holding your breath beneath the blankets, and it’s the moment it slinks away. It’s knowing that your parents won’t be home until midnight and it’s


    What are you here for?
    Tough luck! Least I got drunk.
    That’s an angry neighbor in the adjacent unit. Been yelling since she got here.
    That’s my wife. Says this is what eternity is gonna sound like.
    Yikes! Give her a thousand years. She’ll get horse.
    What? What?

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