Call for Art Submissions

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Call for Art Submissions

This is renewing an old call for art submissions! We want your art. We are looking for art of all kinds to display on our site and in our free digital magazine. We have dozens of visual artists on our site, but lately we have not been encouraging submissions.

We are looking for art for our site. We are looking for photos, paintings, computer art, anything that we can display on our site with short stories an poetry. The artist gets a feature page and we will always give credit to the artist. We also, twice a year do a digital issue of our site: Every Writer. You can get free copies by signing up for our mailing list here: 

We need art. We love art, and if you submit your art and we feature it, it could be on the cover of our issue, and or used in side our digital issue. We will feature you our site with a bio and your art, and we will link to any sites you send us.

If you are interested in seeing your art on our site, please send 5-8 pieces to

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