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From the Editor

We provide a showcase for the best in British and international contemporary poetry. We publish around 30 poets each issue, and many take up the option of recording their work for our blog. The publication is divided into acts and features each poem on its own page with the artwork for that issue. We also publish a number of in-depth reviews of new poetry publications (generally from the UK, as that’s where we’re based), and occasionally an article on some aspect of poetry. The poems we publish are skilfully written and pay attention to the music of language as well as its meaning. We’re friendly to metrical poetry but like all the poems it must have something interesting to say. We decided to publish online as that’s where we think the audiences are now. The feel of a well-produced print magazine is great, but the readership is generally limited to a few hundred subscribers and when the issue is out of print it’s very hard for new readers to find. Our archive is available online and we have an international readership of around 2000. We don’t take a lot of notice of where you come from or what gender you are, but we’re pleased to find that we have a pretty even gender split. Most of our poets are based in the UK or US but we generally have a sprinkling from elsewhere. We get a lot of compliments about the look of the magazine, which is nice because we put a lot of effort into it!


Poems that consider the sound and music of language as well as its content. Poems that tackle unusual subjects, that think carefully about metaphor and meaning. We publish established and new poets but do expect new writers to have a feel for how poetry works and to have edited carefully. Please read the magazine before submitting, and follow the guidelines. We only accept submissions via Submittable.


We’re about to publish our first print publication under the auspices of Antiphon Press. It’s a poetry anthology associated with a local university and creativity festival. With that experience we’re thinking of broadening out to other print publications.


Editors Name Rosemary Badcoe and Noel Williams
Print publication? No
Circulation 2000
Do you take online submissions? Yes
Submission Guidelines URL
Approx. Response Time? 1 week – 3 months
How often do you publish? Four times a year
Year Founded? 2011
Do you pay? No


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