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A Cafe in Space: The Anais Nin Literary Journal

A Cafe in Space: The Anais Nin Literary Journal2011-10-26T15:07:40+00:00
A Cafe in Space is the only current publication dedicated to diarist/novelist Anais Nin, now in its ninth year. Essays about Nin and her contemporaries, such as Henry Miller, Lawrence, Antonin Artaud, and Lawrence Durrell, by today's top scholars, excerpts from Nin's unpublished diaries and correspondence; poetry, reviews, ...

A Little Poetry

A Little Poetry2013-07-30T18:39:17+00:00
A Little Poetry presents contemporary poetry by poets around the world--from famous faces to burgeoning beginners. Check out the journal / e-zine contents page for links to the current issue


Abramelin has been publishing high quality poetry since the summer of 2006. We took 2010 off. Now we have returned with a new format! Instead of yearly or biannual issues, I will be doing monthly updates, often with featured poets. We are switching our focus to just poetry. I ...


Poetry, that time-traveling hobo with a room at the Ritz, doggedly knocks on your window like a scheming friend at midnight. A poem can whisk you away; to a Harlem basement in 1961, to an


is an international interactive website for writing and literature, formed by numerous cultural communities and languages. It is a platform where writers around the world publish their works, engage in providing constructive feedback critique oriented towards honing skills in the writing process.


Based in San Francisco, Alehouse Press is an independent literary press founded in 2006. Since then, Alehouse Press has published Alehouse, an all-poetry literary

Alligator Juniper

Alligator Juniper2013-06-08T23:19:51+00:00
The Alligator Juniper tree is in the juniper family with bark in a checkered pattern, resembling an alligator's skin. While the tree is native to the southwest, the alligator is native to swampland and tropics.

Ambit Magazine

Ambit Magazine2013-07-30T18:37:30+00:00
Ambit is a surreptitious peek inside a private world. Without it such vital sparks of inspiration could well be lost for ? Ralph Steadman Ambit is a 96-page quarterly literary and artwork

American Athenaeum

American Athenaeum2013-01-07T20:51:55+00:00
American Athenaeum, a cultural magazine supporting the arts, is currently accepting fiction, poetry, and non-fiction for the following themed issues: Japan tribute, Speculative Fiction, Young Adult/Middle Grade, Compassion/Community, Environment/ Endangered Species. (There is also a general issue too). In addition, we are seeking short op-eds for the following regular ...


Anastomoo is a southern indication of action forced through images and words into forms for reading. We are friendly and open and currently interested in all forms of handwritten word art.

Ancient Paths

Ancient Paths2013-12-08T16:42:10+00:00
Ancient Paths literary magazine publishes poetry, flash fiction, art, and photography with subtle religious themes. The works featured in Ancient Paths explore struggles


and/or is a journal for creative experimental writing and/or innovative graphic art. The journal seeks submissions from writers and/or other sorts of artists whose work openly challenges the boundaries (mimetic, aesthetic, symbolic, cultural, political, philosophical, economic, spiritual, etc.) of literary and/or artistic expression


and/or, a print journal for creative experimental writing and/or innovative graphic art, seeks submissions from writers and/or other sorts of artists whose work openly challenges the boundaries