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In Other Words: Merida

In Other Words: Merida2014-06-27T23:52:26+00:00
We are an international journal based in Merida, Mexico. We feature work from around the world as well as work by English speaking residents of the Yucatan Penninusla. We also use print translations of Mexican poets and authors, and interviews with writers.


InDigest is an online literary magazine and arts blog focused on creating a dialogue between the arts. While we publish on a quarterly schedule, we update our blog daily. InDigest recognizes that art does not take place in a vacuum and that categories are meaningless. We are interested in ...

Inkspill Magazine

Inkspill Magazine2012-02-05T18:48:30+00:00
Inkspill Magazine publishes literary and genre fiction, poetry, articles and art. It showcases high quality work that pushes the boarders of creativity. We take pride in our appearance. "...the pages are all adorned with beautiful words and pictures all crafted to be incredibly aesthetically pleasing and unique." - 'Literature ...

Inner Sins

Inner Sins2014-06-27T23:21:19+00:00
We are proud to say this is it! Our first Issue! It took some time to choose the right pieces for our inaugural issue, but we believe in the authors we have chosen to represent us here. After reading their tales, we think you will agree. We offer Poetry ...

Innovative Fiction

Innovative Fiction2011-05-16T19:54:18+00:00
Innovative Fiction Fiction * Theory * Art Online literary magazine featuring reviews of innovative novels, essays, and art. Recent reviews include: Soluble Fish by André Breton, Arp on Arp: Poems, Essays, Memories, Dissemination by Jacques Derrida, Event by Philippe Sollers, Finnegans Wake by James Joyce, Cities of the Interior ...


Instigatorzine is a literary/art zine designed to publish any works of quality including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, plays, etc. Literature is illustrated by our own staff to complement each piece.

Irish Pages

Irish Pages2016-11-19T12:50:22+00:00
IRISH PAGES is a non-partisan, non-sectarian, culturally ecumenical, and wholly independent journal. It seeks to create a novel literary space in the North adequate to the unfolding cultural potential of the new political dispensation. The magazine is cognisant of the need to reflect in its pages the various meshed ...

Ithaca Lit: Lit with Art

Ithaca Lit: Lit with Art2012-01-11T19:08:50+00:00
IthacaLit is a quarterly online publication of poetry and visual art. Founded by Michele Lesko after she moved to Ithaca, New York. The journal is meant to represent Ithaca, home to Cornell University & Ithaca College as well as the mythical Ithaca and the journey we celebrate in finding ...