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Underground Voices

Underground Voices2010-12-16T19:56:46+00:00
Underground Voices is an online and print literary magazine that publishes fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry, and art. We are online monthly and have an annual print edition. We pay $30 per fiction submission (as of now, poetry submissions are unpaid).

Unshod Quills

Unshod Quills2013-02-07T21:12:20+00:00
Independent sister site to Shanghai's HAL Publishing and Far Enough East. Based in Portland, Oregon. A theme based literary and arts journal founded by editor Dena Rash Guzman.

Untoward Magazine

Untoward Magazine2011-02-06T10:50:38+00:00
Untoward Magazine exists to perpetuate humor in fiction, with stories reflective in some way of the fact that it is not an ancillary element in good fiction but an essential element. Herman Melville would be rolling in his hardly turgid but really very complexly amusing grave if we were ...