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NO? Journal

NO? Journal2013-07-31T09:42:19+00:00
NO? Journal is a free, small run, literary and political print journal distributed across America. We publish issues simultaneously online and in print. Here's what

The Arava Review

The Arava Review2016-02-19T22:22:13+00:00
The Arava Review is an on-line literary journal. We are looking for excellent works of poetry, fact, fiction and Visual Art. Though you don’t have to be previously published do send us your best work.

The Medulla Review

The Medulla Review2014-06-16T07:21:29+00:00
The Medulla Review is a place in the hindbrain where breathing, swallowing, and circulation are done through words, a venue for those who believe in creating reality. "Medulla" is the Latin word for "marrow" --- the middle part of a structure. Bone marrow. Plant marrow.

The Southeast Review

The Southeast Review2014-06-09T20:38:39+00:00
The Southeast Review, established in 1979 as Sundog, is a national literary magazine housed in the English department at Florida State University and is edited and managed by its graduate students and a faculty consulting editor. The mission of The Southeast Review is to present emerging writers on the ...

The Whistling Fire

The Whistling Fire2016-11-19T12:50:10+00:00
Conceived in December 2008 as a collective effort of MFA students, The Whistling Fire provides a forum where fresh voices share creative works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. We encourage writers with an eye toward publication to submit their works or works in progress, as we wish to showcase ...