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The Minute Magazine was founded in February 2017 with the aim of spreading appreciation for the daily hustles and bustles in life, the things that the eye often glosses over. The world is in constant motion, and it is increasingly harder to set back for a minute and appreciate what we have around us. The Minute Magazine publishes work that transforms the seemingly ordinary, simple, and small objects in life into something magical and grandiose.

The Minute Magazine accepts online entries from all writers and artists around the world. Submission categories include poetry (1-3 poems), prose (1 piece of prose, any style), and artwork (photography, painting, drawing, etc.). All submissions should attempt to reflect the mission and theme of the magazine: examining life under the microscope. We try to respond to all submissions within 2 weeks of the submission date. Issues are released twice a year, once in spring and once in fall.

There is no fee for submission entries. Writers who are published are not paid, but get to enjoy the thrill and joy of having their work recognized. Regardless of whether you are chosen for publication, keep writing, keep thinking, and keep appreciating the beautiful things in life.


The Minute Magazine is looking for submissions that have a focus on the little, daily things. So often in our world today, we forget to step back and appreciate everything we have around us. Thus, we want the hidden, the minute, the beautiful. Tell us about the trail a plastic bag makes as it is tossed around by the wind. Tell us about the sound of rain as it hits the roof. Tell us the journey of an ant as it crawls across the sidewalk.

We accept submissions in 3 categories: poetry, prose, and artwork. All submissions should reflect the mission of the Minute Magazine. Poems can be in any shape or form (free verse, sonnet, haiku, etc.) and we accept 1-3 poems per submission. Prose can be fiction, creative non-fiction, flash fiction, essay, etc. and we only accept 1 piece of prose per submission. Visual arts include paintings, drawings, sculptures, and photography; we accept 1-3 artworks per submission.


We are looking for staff readers and social media managers to join our team! If you would like a position, please email us at minutemagazineeditors@gmail.com.


Editors Name Cindy Song
Print publication? No
Circulation Issues published bi-annually online
Do you take online submissions? Yes
Submission Guidelines URL Minute Magazine Submissions
Approx. Response Time? 2 weeks
How often do you publish? Twice a year
Year Founded? 2017
Do you pay? No


Twitter http://twitter.com/minute_mag
Mailing Address:
Email minutemagazineeditors@gmail.com
Facebook http://facebook.com/theminutemag

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