New Network, more promotion, less work!

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A?Social Network that Works for You!

You know how when you first started your literary magazine and then you wanted people to come and see it? What did you do? You joined a social network maybe twitter or facebook or maybe myspace. You then had to do twice as much work. You spent your days publishing work on your site and your nights finding friends for the social network, ugh. You really end up doing as much work to promote Facebook or Twitter as you do to promote your own site.

We thought about it, and we wanted a better way. We wanted a social network for writers where you can publish a story or a poem and then post the link where everyone on the network could see it. No such social network existed, so we built one! Here it is, Now you can post a link or a blog post and everyone can see it. Stop doing work for your social network, and let it start working for you! Join Every Writer!

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