Anger by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

Lost Portrait London 1940s

?by Geoffrey Heptonstall

The table is covered with crisp linen on which are set well-chosen wines. Spills will occur, devilish as blood. Salt is an effective remedy in cold soaking before dawn. No-one sees the under world. Tired and hungry maids, no more than children, work by lamplight. It is dark and cool for the wines.

Upstairs in the evening the talk will be of art and intimacies overheard by an expressionless maid. Someone whispers in an unknown language. He jokes. There is laughter she cannot understand.

An eminent guest will arrive soon. He has arranged to be late. He will come begging the forgiveness granted him in advance. He knows what will be given him.

Guests assemble graciously. The ladies artfully adorn the scene, anticipating adoration.

So pleasant the conversation stilled only by the sight of beauty. She is positioned slightly to the right. This, of course, was before the war.

The details of her death are few. We know she was found in the ruins, her face torn by bomb blast. The silk gown revealed her. It was the one she wore? for the portrait, once admired, long since vanished.


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