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Art by fine artists around the web. These artists send their artwork to us, and we love to feature them on Every Writer, and here on our site. Many of these artists are world renowned. EWR is all about promoting artwork of all kinds in the real world and around the web. You may see some of these artworks on our other pages. This is thanks to our authors. We feature them here in Art.  We thank all of the artists who have contributed to our site, and we are dedicated to bringing more outstanding works of art to our readers in the future.

We have been promoting authors and artists for 15 years. Please support them.  We sometimes contact our artists to request artwork from them. If you are interested in being featured on our site, please contact us. These works are the property of the artists and only used by permission. Please respect their rights.

Art by Alice

Art by Alice
Art by Alice   France 2011 Italy Italy Sam   Italy Oslo   Alice AliCè: Alice Pasquini, principally a visual artist, works as an illustrator, set designer and in Rome, she has lived and worked…