Magazine Name: 34thParallel Magazine
Twitter: ?
Facebook: ?
Website: http://34thparallel.net/
Editors Name: Trace Sheridan & Martin Chipperfield
Print publication?: Yes
Mailing Address:: ?
Email: 34thParallel@gmail.com
Circulation: 5000
Submission Guidelines URL: http://34thparallel.net/submit-to-us.html
Approx. Response Time?: Up to six months
How often do you publish?: Four times a year
Year Founded?: 2007
Do you take online submissions?: Yes
Information about your publication: We reckon there are more good writers who are undiscovered than soccer moms at Starbucks. Where are all these talented people? One guess: You got it! They’re at their day jobs! So if you?re one of them we?re here to tell you there?s no sense agonizing any longer over all this writing nonsense. If you’re up, you might as well just write. But when you?re up at 3:33am (and who isn’t?) just remember you still have to show at the day job. If anyone asks, tell them you were karaoking. Anyway we think you rock! And at 34thParallel Magazine what we?re about is giving you the rock-star treatment?but without the dollars and the drugs!! We aspire to be the Rolling Stone of writing where you can be proud to have your work read and acclaimed!! Ultimately, we hope 34thParallel Magazine will be your launchpad to bigger and better things. So that’s what we are about. We invite you to submit your best work. Make it something that moves us.
What type of submissions are you looking for?: Stories, essays, documentary aka creative non-fiction, poems, images (artwork, photo, photo essay, graphic story, comic, cartoon).
Tell us about upcoming events or contests: