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  1. I’m a hell of a writer and just about everyone who has read my stuff agrees. I’ve had two short story collections published(not self-published)won several awards and had my stories appear in top literary magazines like North Carolina Literary Review, Potomac Review etc. All this in five years with no connections and a mere MA in English instead of the ubiquitous MFA in Creative Writing… a misnomer if ever there was one.

    A former secondary school and college teacher(and jazz pianist) I took the road most travelled and ignored the advice of most of my teachers from grade to grad school to become a writer. Until recently.

    I’m street wise but drug free and too old to believe in Santa. Still,I really do want something for nothing.

    With apologies to JFK, I believe it is not what I can do for someone else; it’s what someone else(You?) can do for me.

    I’m wise enough not to expect a patron to appear out of the ether, but I tend to look to the bright side of most things. I know what it’s like to be an editor.At the very least, I hope my note beaks up the monotony.

    Best wishes.

    Joseph Cavano

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