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At Length

At Length2014-06-17T21:05:38+00:00
At Length is a venue for ambitious, in-depth writing, music, photography, and art that are open to possibilities shorter forms preclude. As a print-friendly online magazine, we create ways for readers, listeners, and viewers to interact with noteworthy long work, and other publications have noticed. Among those who have ...

Evening Red Press

Evening Red Press2010-04-03T12:28:58+00:00
"Evening Red Press" is now accepting submissions for its debut Spring 2010 issue! Deadline for Spring submissions: April 1st, 2010. Submissions Email Address: please include your name, attached artwork, and a 50-60 word bio of yourself.


InDigest is an online literary magazine and arts blog focused on creating a dialogue between the arts. While we publish on a quarterly schedule, we update our blog daily. InDigest recognizes that art does not take place in a vacuum and that categories are meaningless. We are interested in ...

Otis Nebula

Otis Nebula2010-11-21T13:10:12+00:00
Otis Nebula is a publishing project operated by working writers dedicated to serving living word, sound, and image to which commercial concerns are always subordinate. Otis Nebula, the zine, appears online semi-annually. In addition, Otis Nebula Literary Syndicate publishes one paper and ink book of poetry or fiction per ...

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle2014-06-26T22:07:14+00:00
The Golden Triangle publishes fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. At The Golden Triangle we are attempting to keep the writing life alive in a world that is severely lacking. You can expect to find fresh, risk-taking, original poetry, fiction, and non-fiction coupled with intelligent design.

Visions with Voices

Visions with Voices2010-03-20T16:52:45+00:00
Our primary mission in creating Visions with Voices is to promote the spoken word as a legitimate genre with standards that differentiate excellent work. We are creating! here a venue which will give the artist a sense of accomplishment along with a respectable publishing credit.