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and/or is a journal for creative experimental writing and/or innovative graphic art. The journal seeks submissions from writers and/or other sorts of artists whose work openly challenges the boundaries (mimetic, aesthetic, symbolic, cultural, political, philosophical, economic, spiritual, etc.) of literary and/or artistic expression

Big Fiction

Big Fiction2014-06-28T21:53:59+00:00
Big Fiction celebrates the soul of the long story: generous, transportive, and a little wild. We're an independent journal publishing ambitious and delicious fiction twice a year, in hand-designed letterpress issues.


escarp is a text-message-based review of super-brief poetry and prose. We publish through Twitter, though we can be read on the web or via RSS. We try to engage our readers through and in the new social spaces where they live out their lives. By joining our readers in ...


The creative works are clear representations of Experimental Writing, and the authors provide commentary on that aspect of them. This is also the place for anyone participating in the Experimental literary world to share information, opinion, etc. as long as it what you send it not published elsewhere. This ...

Kalyani Magazine

Kalyani Magazine2012-05-10T19:34:03+00:00
Kalyani Magazine is a biannual literary magazine encouraging women of colour to express their views, their experiences, their feelings. Each issue explores a theme that matters to women using diverse writing styles to evoke diverse ideas. Whether you just started writing yesterday, or finished your first book when you ...


Founded in 1993, LVNG is an independent journal of poetry, prose, art, science, religion, and humanities and their intersections published by Flood Editions and edited by Ossian Foley and James Longley. Email submissions to

Potomac Review

Potomac Review2010-05-13T15:23:37+00:00
Potomac Review opens windows into the complexity of literature; in each issue, our selections span the spectrum of voice and style. We sample realistic and experimental prose and poetry. Drawing 95 % of our content from unsolicited submissions, we publish writers at all stages of their careers.

White Whale Review

White Whale Review2014-06-09T20:51:37+00:00
Published quarterly, White Whale Review is an online literary magazine devoted to the single-minded pursuit of that which eludes easy capture: "beauty"; "truth"; the fictions that window or curtain each. Those skeletally abstract words for ideas best suggested in tangible form, what we want is a dialogue between art ...


WTF PWM2014-06-09T21:11:03+00:00
wtf pwm is an online literary magazine which seeks to publish new and innovative fiction, poetry, and experimental literature. We strive to attain the quality and feel of a