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Inky Squib Magazine

Inky Squib Magazine2014-06-17T20:18:51+00:00
Inky Squib is an online magazine that features art, comic, interviews and piles of fiction from around the world. With a focus on societies obsessions, demeanour and future prospects we use humour, satire and imagination to give you a different look at your world and our world. And take ...

San Pedro River Review

San Pedro River Review2010-02-21T19:30:02+00:00
We are a print poetry and art publication, named for the ancient river that flows north from the mountains of Sonora, Mexico, into Arizona. We accept submissions during two submission periods: January 1st through February 29th, and July 1st through August 1st. We will publish an issue around April, ...


Saraba is an imprint of Two Iroko Limited whose goal is to create unending voices by encouraging young, previously unheard writers to publish their works, assist emerging writers ( those who have been published little or not at all, whose talent are recognizable and whose works are qualitative) in ...

Saranac Review

Saranac Review2013-07-30T18:44:43+00:00
The Saranac Review was born in 2004 out of four writers' vision to open a space for the celebration of many voices including those from Canada. Attempting to act as a source of connection

Scout & Engineer

Scout & Engineer2014-06-08T19:05:31+00:00
Scout & Engineer is a print and digital publication founded upon the idea that great storytelling involves blameless technique, yes, but embedded with the author's unapologetic conceptions and value evaluation. Those stories that work as philosophical page-plays and isolated luxuries for bookheads? That reveal practiced ideological gardening that goes ...

Sensations Magazine

Sensations Magazine2011-10-16T17:32:11+00:00
Sensations Magazine is a rare three-consecutive-year winner in the national American Literary Magazine Awards, and has published continuously for 25 years without Federal, state, or local government grant funding, and without university affiliation. A rare independent American literary magazine - featuring poetry, fiction, and published research - the ...

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin2010-09-19T21:41:18+00:00
Sensitive Skin publishes established and emerging writers and artists. Originally published as a print magazine in the 1990's, Sensitive Skin was re-launched as an online venture in June, 2010. We've published 2 issues so far and the third will be released in early September. We are deeply involved in ...


Founded by graduates of Iowa's major creative writing programs—Iowa State University and the prestigious University of Iowa—Sequestrum has faithfully published award-winning writers and new voices alike for our 1,000+ monthly readership

Shadows Express

Shadows Express2012-04-06T00:15:49+00:00
Illuminating undiscovered voices, Shadows Express is dedicated to presenting emerging writers to discerning readers. We strive to bring quality to the reader: fiction both engaging and entertaining; poetry that speaks to the heart; and helpful, inspiring non-fiction.

Silenced Press

Silenced Press2010-05-16T09:35:07+00:00
Silenced Press is an independent publisher and an international online literary journal based out of Columbus, Ohio. We are dedicated to giving a voice to artists that must be heard and highlighting writers from Ohio.