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  1. I am a short-story writer. I have had several published all over the world. I love to write. I have very many ideas in my head on which to base a short story.
    My latest is “Do cars have teeth.”
    The more I write the more confident I get. I do want to publish the stories in book form, but that appears to be expensive, so I will have to wait till I get a good deal from a publisher who will publish the stories in print form, as also as an ebook.
    My writing profile is as follows:-

    Mr. Kersie Khambatta is a semi-retired lawyer practising in New Zealand. He is also a part-time writer of articles and short-stories. His writing is recognizable by his simple style, with short sentences and carefully-chosen words. He has a diploma of Associateship of the British Tutorial Institute, London, in English, Modern Journalism, and Journalism in India, and a Certificate in Comprehensive writing awarded in October 2005 by the Writing School (Australia and New Zealand). His pieces have appeared in Senior Living (B.C., Canada), Her Magazine (New Zealand), The Rusty Nail magazine (U.S.A.), and many other publications.

  2. Do you read Literary Snapshots?

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