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Founded by graduates of Iowa State University and the University of Iowa, Sequestrum has faithfully published award-winning writers and new voices alike for our 1,500+ monthly readership since its advent. Subscriptions pay-what-you-can, and our editorial principle isn’t tethered to a single aesthetic or type of writer or even to a production calendar: At Sequestrum, our sole obligation is to quality writing, to taking our editorial divining rod across the literary landscape and routing-out the aquifers and the fresh springs and the ice fields and signaling to the world, “Here, dig.” That’s our wordy way of saying we accept manuscripts year-round, publish on a rolling basis, and always have our doors open to unsolicited submissions. Publishing online awards us the flexibility of maintaining this publication philosophy, as well as keeping access to our archives open on unique a pay-what-you-can platform. That means our content reaches readers without regard to economic standing, and that’s a fact we’re proud of (that and virtual pages are printed on virtual trees, not real ones). Sequestrum is funded by its writing community (we’re a pay-what-you-can journal) and doesn’t receive a penny from outside controlling interests. Last, we believe good writing deserves recognition and are a paying market for new and literary-heavyweights alike. Details on all of this stuff are on our website. Visit us at, read our archives, and, if you have something you’d like to contribute, check out our submission guidelines. We’re proud of the little plot of literary landscape we occupy and the writers and artists we share it with. Come by and see why.


Sequestrum is a competitive, paying market which publishes high-quality short fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual arts (and combinations of these) on a rolling basis. Recent contributors include Pulitzer Prize nominees, Guggenheim and NEA Fellows, award-winning novelists and poets, as well as many new and emerging voices. We are committed to publishing the bulk of our publications from unsolicited manuscripts, and are open to all stylistic schools and “isms,” including the occasional genre piece. As always, the best way to familiarize yourself with our tastes is to read what we’ve published; our entire archive is available for free online, so there’s little excuse not to. Our only restriction regards manuscript length. We’re serious sticklers for concise, evocative writing. Like, bloodshot-eyes, skin-scoured-raw, Tolstoy-is-the-reason-we-drink, serious. As such, Sequestrum publishes only short prose and poetry. Read the “About Us” section to learn more about our publication philosophy and our definition of “short.” Prose should generally fall under 5,000 words and poetry under 35 lines. That being said, we’re interested in quality writing. So if you’ve got 10,000 words of prose or 55 lines of poetry that you think we’d love, send them. Just know that if you’re going above and beyond our general length guidelines, your work better be, well, above and beyond. You know, a long piece that reads short with language so light it raises with a sort of word-effervescence that hangs up there in the stratosphere before your lips run dry. If you’ve got a longer piece like that, we’ll happily consider it. Full guidelines are on our site. Read them and our archives, and you’ll have an idea of what we’re interested in.


We hold two contests every year: our New Writer Awards and Editor’s Reprint Award. The New Writer Awards offers a cash prize and publication to writers who are yet to publish a book-length manuscript. The Editor’s Reprint Award highlights the best previously-published work from around the literary world. Whether you’re an established writer or new to writing, we look to expose the very best writing we can find to a wide, supportive audience.


Editors Name R.M. Cooper
Print publication? No
Circulation 1,500+ Monthly
Do you take online submissions? Yes
Submission Guidelines URL
Approx. Response Time? 2 Months
How often do you publish? Weekly
Year Founded? 2013
Do you pay? Yes, Cash.


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Iowa City, IA & Denver, CO