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Winter 50 Word Contest

Welcome to our Winter 50 Word Contest. We run one of these every once in a while. You know how they go. This is a 50 word story contest, and the story can be about anything. Keep Reading

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Should I get a BFA in Creative Writing?

Not a lot of universities and colleges offer a BFA in Creative Writing, but is it a good idea to get a degree like this? Will it help you be a better writer? Will a BFA give you any chance at getting a job? Keep Reading

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Art by Cesar Valtierra

Cesar Valtierra hails from the sun soaked desert of the wild, wild western city of El Paso, Texas. He wields a pencil like an outlaw gunslinger, drawing up a storm since the tender age of two. Keep Reading

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Weekly Writing Exercises

Welcome to our weekly writing exercises page. We were publishing these as single posts, but we’ve found putting them all on one page is beneficial and easier for everyone. So each week you can stop by this page for new writing exercises and prompts. We are going to do out best to keep these up… Keep Reading

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WordTango’s Weekend

After you've drafted your novel, there's still one last page to write: the query letter. WordTango's Weekend Query class is two days focused on Keep Reading

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Horror Story Contest 2015!

Welcome to our Horror Story 2015 Contest. Every year we run a horror story, and every year we announce the winners the week of Halloween. This year is different Keep Reading

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Why do Self-Published Authors Need a Website?

Why do Self-Published Authors Need a Website? Getting your book published with a large publishing house is becoming more and more difficult. Book stores are closing, and less and less money is being made by big publishing houses. Some publishers even want to see that authors have build a writing platform online before they will… Keep Reading

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Will MFA Writing Programs be the Only Help for Successful Writers?

In the near future (I would say that many of us know it’s coming even though there are many who do not want to admit it) ebooks will be the cornerstone of publishing. Ebooks are already storming the fortress walls, and it doesn’t take a lot to realize that after the last of the big box books stores Keep Reading

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Get Paid to Post!

We are joining the ranks of literary and writers blogs who pay their contributors for posts! Writing Sense wants to support the community of writers, so we are now paying Keep Reading

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