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Poem: Beach in Lebanon— A Man, A Woman—

B.T. Joy is a British poet and short fiction writer living in Glasgow. His poetry and short fiction has appeared in magazines, journals, anthologies and podcasts worldwide including poetry in Yuan Yang, The Meadow, Toasted Cheese, Numinous: Spiritual Poetry, Presence, Paper Wasp, Bottle Rockets, Mu, Frogpond and The Newtowner, among many others. His 2015 collection Teaching Neruda... Keep Reading

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Halloween Movie Night 2018

We will be announcing the winners of our contest, Oct 31, 2018, in our movie chat. Our chat starts at 9pm eastern. Be there, watch House on Haunted Hill and chat! Keep Reading

writers message boards is this way
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Message Boards for Writers

A new forum is born. So we have had infinite troubles with our Message Boards for Writers. We had a message board that was a SMF, or something, then BBpress, then on and on. I think in all we’ve had 6 different message boards using 6 different software platforms, and all of them have trouble… Keep Reading

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10 Ways to Promote Your Book

We were all so relieved when book publishing became fast and easy. Everyone believe they could realize their dream of publishing their book. We quickly found out, publishing is the easy part. If you don’t promote your book it won’t sell. So here are 10 ways to promote your book.  10 Ways to Promote Your… Keep Reading

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Christmas Poem Contest

Welcome to our Christmas Poem Haiku contest. We are looking for the best Haiku about Christmas. It can snowmen in it too, but it must be Christmasy. So you know the Haiku form. 5, 7, 5 is what we are looking for, it doesn’t have to get anymore completed than than. Winner of this contest… Keep Reading

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Interview with Kris Kringle

Last week, a few days before Thanksgiving, I was able to sit down in a clean well lighted cafe with Mr. Kris Kringle. We met in Portland, Oregon. Mr. Kringle was kind enough to take time away from his busy schedule Keep Reading

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Horror Haiku Contest!

Right now we are running 2 major contests, so we’re not going to offer a prize on this one. We will do 2 things for you. The winners will be announced the same night as the Horror story contest Keep Reading

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Winter Storm Tanka Contest

Ok, welcome to our first Winter Storm Tanka Contest. We have a short story contest every season, and I’m starting to feel a little bad that we don’t do a contest for poetry. It’s an oversight really. So this is our first poetry contest. If you notice we never do anything like a “normal” contest.… Keep Reading

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