Magazine Name:Apropos Literary Journal
Website: This magazine is no longer publishing.
Editor:Amy Maddox
Mailing Address:
Circulation:online publication
Submission Guidelines: 
Approximate Response Time3-4 weeks
Year Founded:2010
Online Submissions?Yes
Information about your publication:Apropos Literary Journal aims to dispel the commonly held notion that an online journal is less ?literary? than a printed one. Although we recognize the merit of the printed page, for an arts community to survive it needs to adapt to our digital culture. Digitally presenting literature and art can not only expand our audience, but our definition of art, encouraging a new generation of artistic expression. Through the use of an online environment, Apropos serves to elevate and facilitate the relationship between art and our digital culture by displaying artistic genres traditionally incompatible with the standard print journal.
What type of submissions you are looking for:Prose (Fiction and Non-Fiction) Poetry Fine Arts, Crafts, Tattoo Photography Multi-media, Performance Arts
Information on Contests: