Asinine Poetry

Magazine Name:Asinine Poetry
Editor:Shay Tasaday
Mailing Address:PO Box 1349 New York, NY 10276
Circulation:Over 5,000 hits/month
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time3-4 months
Year Founded:2001
Online Submissions?Yes
Information about your publication:Asinine Poetry is the journal of asinine poetry, a monthly publication of poetry and prose that attempts to be kinda funny.
What type of submissions you are looking for:FUNNY poetry and prose (short stories and essays). Also, we love recorded submissions via our Asinine Poetry app–they will be included in our monthly podcast.
Information on Contests:With our app, you can enjoy an interactive version of the insanely popular online journal ASININE POETRY and no longer have to be passive reader of poetry and prose. –Get each new monthly issue, including poems and prose. –Listen to every episode of the sometimes-intentionally silly ASININE POETRY podcast. –Record any of the works featured and submit them to be included in a future podcast. –Write your own asinine works and submit them, along with your recordings of them, to the journal and podcast. –Like (Wine) or Dislike (Cheese) poems and prose. –Get the easy access to the ASININE POETRY store that you’ve always wanted.

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