Badlands Literary Journal

Badlands Literary Journal


From the Editor

Badlands is the official publication of the Creative Writing Program of the California State University Palm Desert Campus. Our journal aims to provide a forum for the best in contemporary poetry, fiction, drama, creative nonfiction, visual art, and imaginative intersections of these genres.


Badlands possesses an eclectic appetite; send us rhymed quatrains or free verse, dirty realism or mondo fiction, and forms not yet named. We maintain a dedication to immigrant and indigenous voices and are especially interested in work crafted in non-English languages, whether in Spanish or Tagalog, Cahuilla or Ojibwa, that we can offer in the original and in translation. We remain committed to the proposition that the Coachella Valley and its surrounding regions are domains worthy of literary representation and are especially intrigued by creative work that explores our urban and wild land locales, such as the cityscapes of Palm Springs and Indio, or the landscapes of Joshua Tree National Park and the Salton Sea State Recreation Area. Badlands desires to include voices often overlooked by other literary publications in its pages and seeks submissions from kids and high school students, retirees and residents of assisted living facilities, and engineering and science majors who might respond more to words of Alan Turing or Stephen Hawking than those of William Shakespeare or John Milton.


Sense of Place, Sense of Community stands as the theme for the 2015 issue of Badlands and, accordingly, we will give special attention to work that focuses on these concepts in some way or manner in our upcoming rounds of selection.


Editors Name Stephen LeHigh
Print publication? Yes
Circulation 200
Do you take online submissions? Yes
Submission Guidelines URL
Approx. Response Time? 3 Months
How often do you publish? Annually
Year Founded?
Do you pay? Contributer’s Copies


Mailing Address:
37500 Cook Street
Palm Desert CA 92211

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