Black Heart Magazine


Magazine Name

Black Heart Magazine




Editors Name

Laura Roberts

Print publication?


Mailing Address:




Submission Guidelines URL

Approx. Response Time?

3 months or less

How often do you publish?

Every weekday (M to F)

Year Founded?


Do you pay?

No payment

Do you take online submissions?


Information about your publication

Black Heart Magazine is an independent online literary magazine, transmitting our tenacious texts around the world at the speed of wifi. Founded by Editor-in-Chief Laura Roberts, the site has been combating clichés and berating boring wordslinging since 2004. Our objective can be summarized in three short words: Reading. Writing. Rebellion. That’s LITERARY rebellion, so ease off the trigger there, tiger. In brief, we publish fiction that breaks the rules. Join us, if you dare.

What type of submissions are you looking for?

Short fiction (up to 1,500 words), poetry, indie and small press book reviews

Tell us about upcoming events or contests

Annual haiku contest held in September. For 2012 winner and information on the contest itself, see

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