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From the Editor

Buffalo Almanack is an online quarterly journal of fiction and photography. We aim to publish the best of new and veteran artists from within the United States and across international lines. We believe an arts journal should do more than serve as a slot game for one’s resume, spitting out publication credits every tenth penny or so – we believe it should exist for the pleasure of readers everywhere. Our issues are released on the 15th of March, June, September and December.


Buffalo Almanack considers fiction of all styles and genres. We neither discriminate against the traditional nor the experimental, neither the “literary” nor the fantastic. Our interest in domestic micro-fiction is as great as our interest in space-travel novellas and we’ll always save a seat for the remarkable and unexpected.


Editors Name Max Vande Vaarst & Katie Morrison
Print publication? No
Mailing Address:
Submission Guidelines URL http://www.buffaloalmanack.com/submit
Approx. Response Time? Less than one week
How often do you publish? Quarterly
Year Founded? 2013
Do you pay? $50 to best story and best photography of each issue
Do you take online submissions? Yes


Twitter @buffaloalmanack
Facebook facebook.com/buffaloalmanack
Email editor@buffaloalmanack.com


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