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From the Editor

Flyleaf is a literary journal unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Printed on a gatefold sheet, each short story is self-contained with its own original cover art and illustration. As a subscriber, four short stories will be delivered to your mailbox every month. Now we invite you to enlist in our mission to share Great Art, support new writers, and revel in the Printing Arts. We encourage our readers to pass the story along to friends and family. As a young author, I have been frustrated by the ability of short stories to find their way into print. The common trend in literary journal publishing has eliminated the printed format, while defaulting to an online presence/blog. Because there is no money invested in the production of the journal, many of them are unable to pay their contributors for their work. We have made it our mission to bring back the printed literary journal in a format that is accessible, portable, and shareable. We have aligned our resources to create a real paper product that will disseminate ubiquitously. We encourage you to re-mail these stories to anyone in the world, so that they may be re-mailed again and again, the story physically finding its own audience organically, on an analogue/viral basis.


We are looking for arresting short fiction that can break through the boundaries of genres. We love literary fiction, magical realism, science fiction, fantasy, and humor. Due to the nature of the printed format, we can only accept pieces of fiction under 2,000 words.


Print publication? Yes
Circulation 1,000
Approx. Response Time? 4-6 weeks
How often do you publish? Monthly
Year Founded? 2013
Do you pay? Yes
Do you take online submissions? Yes


Mailing Address: Matthew Jankiewicz 3323 W. Addison St., M7 Chicago, IL 60618
Twitter @flyleafjournal
Editors Name Matthew Jankiewicz

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