We are going to try something new. Once per month we are going to have open literary editors roundtables/discussions about a top that concerns literary magazines, publishing, writing, and universities. We are asking for comments from our editors. Please get involoved. Literary magazines and community of writing need more interaction from those best and brightest out there. Many of us toil away at creating our publications, and we do not participate in the community at large. Lively and intelligent discussions would be outstanding.

Our first topic, literary magazines and time. How demanding is it to run, own or edit a literary magazine? We are looking to educate people who are thinking about starting a literary magazine. Also, how do you spend your time? Are submissions the most time consuming? Layout? Promotions? Please discuss this with each other. What are some of the problems you have found with operations of a literary magazine concerning time?

Note to Editor: This marks a change in our literary magazines website. Until now we did not, for the most part, publish comments from our readers. We get all kinds of questions, comments and other messages directed at the literary magazines that we list. We recommend that you check your listing often. Many of those comments and questions can only be answered by you, our outstanding editors. We’ve put the comments widget in sidebar to help with communication.  If you have not submitted an updated listing with in the last 6 month, please do so.