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From the Editor

Lost Sparrow Press is a small independent press focusing on poetry, literary, and art publications. We are dedicated to the vast world of humanity and the many differences therein. We are seeking talent that is still lurking in the shadows, the voices of the rising artists and poets, as well as those already established in their craft. At Lost Sparrow Press, we aim to be an all-inclusive community of writers and artists (we will not accept works of hate or unnecessary gore and violence). We are looking for well crafted, engaging works of originality and passion, works that breathe life back into the world.

Art weaves us together forming a tapestry of humanity, varied in all it’s forms. Art provides a way for us to grow both individually and collectively, and it should always be something we nurture and cherish.

Publisher/Editor Logan Olsen

Logan was raised in Utah, spending most of his time on the family sheep ranch. He can now be found roaming the mountains from Arizona to Alaska chasing down the sun.

Editor Megan Olsen

Megan Olsen’s poetry has appeared in The Rectangle, Sink Hollow, and Metaphor. Her work has also been presented at the National Undergraduate Literature Conference over the last four years. After serving as Editor-in-Chief of Metaphor, Weber State’s undergraduate literary journal, Megan began working as a reader and editor for Jolly Fish Publications as well as a tutor at Weber State University. Megan will be graduating Spring of 2017 with a degree in English from Weber State University in Ogden, UT.


Submission Guidelines

Poetry Art Prose

We are accepting submissions of new, original, and unpublished works.

We are looking for well-crafted engaging poetry and artwork, works that breathe life back into the world.

There is no limit on length of poems, though we prefer less than 50 lines.

Short-stories, creative non-fiction, flash fiction, essays, thoughts, and dreams.

Works should be less than 3500 words


Printable artwork, all mediums accepted. Please send high quality images.

Lost Sparrow Press DOES NOT accept works of hate, bigotry, or unnecessary gore or violence.

Most works should be submitted through our submittable page


Editors Name Logan Olsen
Print publication? Yes
Do you take online submissions? Yes
Submission Guidelines URL Lost Sparrow Guidelines
Approx. Response Time? 30 days
How often do you publish? 4 times a year
Year Founded? 2017
Do you pay? not yet


Mailing Address:
24 East 2200 North
Lehi, UT 84043
Email gypsywrangler[at]gmail.com
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