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Based in Omaha, NE, EAB Publishing is the home of Midnight Circus, a seasonal literary magazine. We publish work that makes us unabashedly cry, laugh-out-loud, dream of a better tomorrow, or fear the future. Annually, EAB Publishing is currently releasing two-three novel/novella-length works as well as four issues of Midnight Circus and an anthology. The magazine will contain approximately five stories and five poems per issue. This means the competition is high. Bring us your best. Speaking of the best . . . . EAB Publishing selects the best work from Midnight Circus and invites creators to propose and/or submit novel-length project. If you do bring us your best you may receive an invitation. If you accept our invitation, EAB Publishing guarantees publication of one novel/novella length work. So, if you want to be published by EAB Publishing, submit your best to Midnight Circus.


EAB Publishing seeks short stories and non-fiction of no more than 5000 words, mixed-media, and poetry for Midnight Circus. Each issue of Midnight Circus has a theme which can be found here. Writers wishing to submit stories and/or poems must adhere to that theme if they wish EAB Publishing to take their submissions seriously. EAB is currently closed to novel, novella, collected works, and chapbook submissions. We are open to artists interested in publishing graphic novels or submitting art for book covers for Midnight Circus. Artists interested in submitting a portfolio should contact us at eabpublishing@aol.com EAB Publishing will not consider pornography or gratuitous violence. We’re not prudes. We understand sex happens and violence occurs in real life. Therefore, it may in your work, but there better be a damn good reason for it or chances are we will pass on your submission. Please send all properly formatted submissions to eabpublishing@aol.com


Editors Name AE Stueve
Print publication? Yes
Approx. Response Time? 2-3 weeks
How often do you publish? 4X per year
Year Founded? 2013
Do you pay? no
Do you take online submissions? Yes





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