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Neologism Poetry Journal

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Neologism Poetry Journal

From the Editor

Ne•ol•o•gism (n?-?l??-j?z??m). Noun: A new word, expression, or usage; the creation or use of new words or senses. Neologism Poetry Journal was founded in search of new horizons of poetic language, or at minimum ways to feel something new from old words and poetic forms. It is an online journal with one editor, published monthly, with 20 poems per issue. Upcoming and established poets alike are welcome.


Poems most likely to live at Neologism are one page or less (though excellent longer poems may be published), English language, and are able to either clear the mind or fill it with thought. Submissions are accepted year-round, and simultaneous submissions are just fine. All rights remain with the author upon publication.


An autumn poetry contest with prize of $250 will be decided on September 1, 2017. Submissions for the contest are open now with an entry fee of $6. Winners will also receive front-page publication on the website for two months.


Editors Name: Christopher Fields
Print publication?: No
Do you take online submissions?: Yes
Submission Guidelines URL:
Approx. Response Time?: 2 weeks
How often do you publish?: Monthly
Year Founded?: 2017
Do you pay?: Not currently, but will pay $20/poem once established


Twitter: @neologismpoetry
Mailing Address:: 34 Glenbrook Dr, Apt 2C, Greenfield, MA 01301

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