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In a time when it seems everything has been said and when concepts in post- and neo- abound, how can we find new poetic and discursive forms? How can we represent the world we live in, which is one of mixings and hybridizations, through new verbal means capable of accounting for the new structures that govern our society?

After the death of modernism, we are told postmodernism is dead too (Meschonnic) and the birth of post-postmodernism or post-millenialism (Gans) is announced. After the
supposed death of poetry, the idea of postpoetry is put forward (Gleize). Poststructuralist studies, post-truth era, post-literature. And what does this post- mean, exactly?
It means at once rupture and continuity (Hassan), erasure of the past and heritage, the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

The purpose of this online journal is therefore to seek new poetic tools to represent contemporary society, which is characterized by globalization (suppression of geographical borders, blending of languages) and plurality (fluidity in any and every form, fragmentation of identities).


We want to read poems of all kinds (free verse, narrative, experimental, fragmentary, usw.), in English, in French, in Frenglish, short poems, long poems, lyrical poems or mechanical poems or lyrico-mechanical poems, urban poems, poems that taste like soil, poems that mix the old and the new.

We invite you to submit one previously unpublished poem of three pages maximum (all forms are welcome: fragments, narrative poems, free verse, prose poems, traditional forms) to revuepost@gmail.com. Please send your text as a Word document or PDF.


Editors Name Gabriel Kunst & Leila Alfaro
Print publication? No
Do you take online submissions? Yes
Submission Guidelines URL
Approx. Response Time?
How often do you publish?
Year Founded? 2017
Do you pay? No


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Email revuepost@gmail.com
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