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Psychopomp Magazine is a quarterly publication that exists to showcase stories and art that challenge genre and form conventions with particular attention to work that deals with conceptions of passages, rites of passage, transitions, juxtapositions, and the betwixt and between. We are primarily an online magazine with an annual print issue. We also publish chapbooks as part of our contest series.


The Psychopomp Magazine staff is committed to publishing original fiction that dares to redefine traditional storytelling and genre borders. While we like stories that treat the concepts of passages, transitions, and the state of being betwixt and between, we are open to all work regardless of theme. We are generally not looking for traditional realist fiction or pure hard genre. With that said, we are certainly open to publishing more traditional literary work or more hard genre (no fan fiction) so long as it’s really, really good. To give you an idea of our tastes, here are some writers we admire: Kate Bernheimer, Karen Russell, Alissa Nutting, Kevin Brockmeier, Jonathan Lethem, Jeff Vandermeer, Brian Evenson, Matt Bell, Etgar Keret, Ron Currie, Amelia Gray, Ben Marcus, Pinckney Benedict, Robert Coover, J.G.Ballard, Italo Calvino, Kelly Link, Walter Miller, Alex Shakar, Russell Hoban, Gillian Flynn, Justin Cronin, Peter Straub, Aimee Bender, Steven Millhauser


The Psychopomp Magazine Short Fiction Award recognizes outstanding pieces of fiction that push the boundaries of genre and/or form. Surprise us! Show us something we’ve never seen before. Note: As with our regular submissions, we ARE open to realist fiction and work that may veer towards the hard genre but are most interested in stories that work between these realms and/or is innovative in the way a story is told. First Place: $500 and publication online and in our prize chapbook Second Place: Publication online and in our prize chapbook Up to three finalists will also be considered for publication on our site. ~Winners and finalists will also have the opportunity to speak about their submission as part of a contest special features section. ~ FINAL JUDGE: Timothy Schaffert $15 submission fee.


Editors Name Cole Bucciaglia & Sequoia Nagamatsu
Print publication? No
Approx. Response Time? Less than three months
How often do you publish? Quarterly online/ annual print issue
Year Founded? 2013
Do you pay? Quarterly – No/ Contests – See website for up to date payment info
Do you take online submissions? Yes



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