Red Fez Publications

Magazine Name: Red Fez Publications
Editors Name: Frankie Metro
Print publication?: Yes
Mailing Address:: n/a
Circulation: global
Submission Guidelines URL:
Approx. Response Time?: 30 days
How often do you publish?: monthly
Year Founded?: 2002
Do you take online submissions?: Yes
Information about your publication: We are currently accepting submissions for issue #47 and beyond…
What type of submissions are you looking for?: Preferably Non-Fiction, but we also accept comics, graphics, audio, poetry, fiction, reviews and… Did we mention non fiction yet?
Tell us about upcoming events or contests: The week of July 5th through the 10th several Red Fez contributing authors/editors will be attending the Beast Crawl in the Bay Area with several readings planned in Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco in conjunction over 100+ writers! This will be the site of ZyFez 2 (check out our site for more details)!
Picture url: ?

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