From the Editor

RUMINATE is a quarterly magazine of short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, and visual art that resonate with the complexity and truth of the Christian faith. Each issue is a themed forum for literature and art that speaks to the existence of our daily lives while nudging us toward a greater hope. Because of this, we strive to publish quality work accounting for the grappling pleas, as well as the quiet assurances of an authentic faith. RUMINATE Magazine was created for every person who has paused over a good word, a real story, a perfect brushstroke—-longing for the significance they point us toward.


A good word, in and of itself, can be a spiritual endeavor expressing the beauty, creativity, and ironies of the human experience. Because of this, RUMINATE publishes work with both subtle and overt associations to the Christian faith as well as work that has no direct association. Ultimately, we are seeking writers and artists who are interested in the process of creating quality work that reveals the nature of Christ, in whatever form this may look like.


We host two annual contests–the Janet B. McCabe Poetry Prize, which is held in the the spring, and the Short Story Prize, which is held in the fall. Please visit our website for submission guidelines:


Editor: Brianna Van Dyke
Print Magazine? Yes
Circulation: 1,000
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time 3-4 months
Publishes: quarterly
Year Founded: 2006
Online Submissions? Yes


Mailing Address: Ruminate 140 N. Roosevelt Ave Fort Collins, CO 80521