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SciFan Magazine is a digital and print magazine dedicated to highlighting exemplary works of literature in the science fantasy genre. Each issue is published digitally on and other ebook retailers and is available in print through Amazon as well.

SciFan Magazine is produced by the producer of Beyond Science Fiction and Beyond Imagination Digital Literary Magazine and is the spiritual successor to Beyond Science Fiction (all issues still available on Amazon).
There is no reading fee and SciFan Magazine pays a token amount for temporary exclusivity and inclusion in an issue of SciFan Magazine.


We are accepting short stories in the science fantasy genre for our monthly digital magazine.

Below are some general requirements. See our website for full guidelines.

Genre Requirements

All content must fall into one of the science fantasy sub-genres below.

Visit our website for detailed information about the following subgenres:
· Alternate History
· Dystopian
· LitRPG
· Myths & Legends
· Paranormal
· Portal Fiction
· Space Opera
· Steampunk
· Superhero
· Urban Fantasy


Editors Name Dayne Edmondson
Print publication? Yes
Circulation Print on demand through Amazon
Do you take online submissions? Yes
Submission Guidelines URL
Approx. Response Time? 2-3 weeks
How often do you publish? once per month
Year Founded? 2016
Do you pay? Yes. Up to $20 per short story.


Mailing Address:
34633 Cedar Rdg

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