‘Sea Change’

Magazine Name:‘Sea Change’
Editor:Erik Verhaar
Print Magazine?Yes
Mailing Address:
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time3-4 weeks
Year Founded:2011
Online Submissions?Yes
Information about your publication:The ‘Sealand Literary Supplement to Life’ is the umbrella name for a series of periodically published books and booklets dedicated to contemporary literature. We cater to the needs of everyone who wants to gain new and deeper insights into literature. We want to bring good literature and interesting literary topics to the largest possible audience. Our primarily focus is on publishing author portraits: single volumes in which in-depth interviews and essays give an overview of the authors work, artistic growth and development, both personally and technically. These biographical insights are combined with literary, bibliographical and cultural suggestions of the author, pointing the reader to what inspires him or her artistically. Twice every year we publish ?The Sea Change”, an overview of the best prose and poetry the editors receive, either from their own contacts or from direct submissions to the ‘Sealand Literary Supplement to Life’.
What type of submissions you are looking for:Fiction, literary non-fiction, poetry. Please do not submit essays or reviews.
Information on Contests:

One thought on “‘Sea Change’”

  1. I recently published RUNNER, the cruel tale of a young girl trapped in the legal system. She is convicted of murder, but saved from life imprisonment by a marriage proposal from the arresting officer. Sgt. Joe, his partner and the chief of police all cause her misery. Life in prison would have been a better choice. Contains sex and violence

    RUNNER was written while I had cancer and undergoing chemo. I subconsciously created a heroine who was strong enough to withstand all the physical and emotional abuse she received from the three men and other minor characters in the book. In return, I received strength to fight my own battle with cancer. I am RUNNER, RUNNER is me.

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