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Ok, we’ve been putting in some late hours lately. This is so we could bring all of you some new features! We have something for everyone, so please read this carefully.

1. Right now, our editors can sign up and begin to edit their own listings. Yes, that’s right all you fellow editors out there, no more emailing me and telling me you have made a mistake or that you have something new to announce. Now you can sign up on our site and make your own changes. Just go here. Make sure you sign up as Editor!

2. For our readers we have something complete different in mind. For the first time very soon you will be able to submit your work to EWR and have our editors look at it, even accept it! This means you don’t have to email 100 magazines with your submission, you can put them on our site and let the editors from many different literary magazines review them for publication. This is new for us, and the process is in beta. Right now you should sign up with our site here. Make sure to sign up as a Writer in the drop down menu.?

In the coming weeks and months we hope to take some of the burden, maybe even expense, from our fellow literary magazines editor. The system we are creating will allow editors to browse a selection of work from writers and then contact those writers for publication. We hope by doing this it will help everyone. Editors who are having trouble getting high quality submissions can find them here, and writers who are looking to be published can find a publisher. We hope everybody wins.

This will be a process. It will take some time to get used to, but we are working hard on these new features. For now, sign up be you an editor or a writer! We hope to see you on the site.

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  1. Re: “you can put them on our site and let the editors from many different literary magazines review them for publication.”

    Virtually every publication requires work that is not previously published, and their guidelines specify that work posted on a website is considered published. Thus, they will refuse to consider it.

    How would “putting” a submission on EWR’s site be any different from posting it on a blog or one of the many websites that offer feedback, etc.?

  2. As the proprietor of The Mind Opening Books, I am its editor as well as its publisher. But I only signed on to EWR as a writer. I will go further with it pursuant to the program you are offering – a really good idea – and so all you have to do is tell me where to sign on the writer submission project you are undertaking. I appreciate what you try to do for freelance writers in these difficult times. – Burton

  3. Thank you.

  4. Evan Guilford-Blake the submissions will not be public. They will be housed on our site where only our editors can see them. They will not be open to public view and they will not be “published.”

    Burton H. Wolfe: Very soon. Very soon. We hope to have everything in place this week. You will get an email when things are ready.

  5. Burton H. Wolfe you could sign up with 2 accounts, if you like. Make one a writer and one and editor. That’s fine. If you have a publication you can make changes and have access to other features.

  6. I think this is a briliant idea…It will encourage more publications to publish and more writers will have a chance to see place their work in a venue where it will be seen as the categories are very clear. What EWR is doing is creating a main source or unique funnel for writers and editors to come together in a more efficient manner. Amazing opportunity for writers and editors to find each other.

  7. I’m approaching this new submission clearinghouse idea with cautious optimism but think it’s a fantastic idea and can’t help wondering why no one else has thought of it. Thank you very much!

  8. In the past it was just too difficult to set up. Now we see cost of email programs, mailing lists, and mail handlers going up. We know lit mag editors paying a great deal to Submittable, so we think it is time to give it a try. It is hard to tell what will happen, but thank YOU!

    Keith Skinner we are stepping lightly and trying to do this with as much care as possible. We want it to be a professional process where authors and editors feel good about all their interactions, readings, submissions, and acceptance.

  9. I appreciate this idea, along with the list-serve I’ve had from you for the past 5 months. EWR has been invaluable to me as I dip my toes in the water of submission. I like the idea of being able to post work for which I may not have been able to find a home. I have a piece right now that has been workshopped and read by savvy writers to enthusiastic response, but which hasn’t found the right home. It’s flash fiction piece and I want to move on to other projects. Being able to “park” it somewhere for consideration as an editor encounters it is an intriguing idea.

    At any rate, I appreciate your contribution to the project of literature.

  10. I am not sure what this will entail, but I’m a will’in. I’m a writer and of late, an editor (who teaches the fledgling writing skills). I conduct Courage to Write workshops in Pasadena, having done so on the East Coast. I also teach homeless women and women in transition, and now teach regularly at a library branch which pays me. I’m really an activist. I have a workshop which I charge somewhat in the basement of a fair trade store, and I’ve published 2 books, Without A Net: A Sojourn in Russia, and You Carry the Heavy Stuff. I’m an avid reader, on Goodreads and everything else, and wish you enormous success. This might work. Best to you all.

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