Ok, we’ve been putting in some late hours lately. This is so we could bring all of you some new features! We have something for everyone, so please read this carefully.

1. Right now, our editors can sign up and begin to edit their own listings. Yes, that’s right all you fellow editors out there, no more emailing me and telling me you have made a mistake or that you have something new to announce. Now you can sign up on our site and make your own changes. Just go here. Make sure you sign up as Editor!

2. For our readers we have something complete different in mind. For the first time very soon you will be able to submit your work to EWR and have our editors look at it, even accept it! This means you don’t have to email 100 magazines with your submission, you can put them on our site and let the editors from many different literary magazines review them for publication. This is new for us, and the process is in beta. Right now you should sign up with our site here. Make sure to sign up as a Writer in the drop down menu.?

In the coming weeks and months we hope to take some of the burden, maybe even expense, from our fellow literary magazines editor. The system we are creating will allow editors to browse a selection of work from writers and then contact those writers for publication. We hope by doing this it will help everyone. Editors who are having trouble getting high quality submissions can find them here, and writers who are looking to be published can find a publisher. We hope everybody wins.

This will be a process. It will take some time to get used to, but we are working hard on these new features. For now, sign up be you an editor or a writer! We hope to see you on the site.