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From the Editor

Stupid Bird is an Indian online humour magazine started by a group of people that loves to read humour in all its forms. We are trying to put together a magazine that showcases the works of writers who have a flair for writing humour.

Submission Type

1) Short stories: We accept original, unpublished stories that are humorous and which people from the Indian subcontinent can relate to. The stories need to be self-contained and have a long life. 2) Columns/Columnists: We invite ideas and submissions for a humour column that is updated twice a month.

Tell us about upcoming events or contests

The second edition of Stupid Bird will be released in early October. We are currently accepting submissions for the same.


Editors Name Vishal Shah, Denny George
Print publication? No
Do you take online submissions? Yes
Approx. Response Time?
How often do you publish? Bi-monthly
Year Founded? 2013
Do you pay? No



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