Magazine Name: The Adroit Journal
Twitter: ?
Editors Name: Peter LaBerge
Print publication?: Yes
Mailing Address:: Please submit online through our submission manager.
Circulation: ?
Submission Guidelines URL:
Approx. Response Time?: 3 weeks
How often do you publish?: Quarterly
Year Founded?: 2010
Do you take online submissions?: Yes
Information about your publication: The Adroit Journal has been the subject of a fair amount of napkin scribbling since November 2010, when Founder/Editor-in-Chief Peter LaBerge decided that the world needed a literary magazine run entirely by high school and college students that helped the world in more ways than one. The Adroit Journal, bright with enthusiasm, was born. And that enthusiasm remains bright, with over forty students from Boston to Bangalore collaborating on this unique publication. Yet Adroit’s uniqueness does not stop there. All proceeds from booksales are directed to Acumen Fund, a charity which works to microfinance emerging and new technologies in important areas of the world in order to solve the world’s largest problems of sustainability, poverty, malnutrition, etc. In addition, Adroit uniquely publishes the works of young writers alongside established ones. The Adroit Journal is published quarterly in print.
What type of submissions are you looking for?: The ideal submission has a nice cover letter with a third person biography included, and contains quality writing that is proofread and adheres to the content and format guidelines on our website. Poetry: Although we love good imagery, it should not drive the poem. We find that poetry is a lot like a story than upon first glance?it contains narration, plot, and sometimes even dialogue. In our opinion, good poet knows how to balance the three aspects and form a beautiful construction of language. Fiction: In terms of fiction, we look for realistic events and dialogue, command of language through the narration and the prose itself and, possibly most importantly, originality. As more and more people are able to share their works on the Internet and receive a wide distribution, there is much more effort to innovate new styles and ways of storytelling through poetry and prose. We also accept works outside of these two categories, under “other.”
Tell us about upcoming events or contests: The Adroit Prizes in Fiction and Verse are awarded annually to two students the age of 21 or under whose fiction or poetry ?inspires the masses to believe beyond feeling the poem.? In other words, we strive to receive the absolute best work from emerging young writers, and the best of the best will receive this lovely award.We accept submissions in the regular pools throughout the entire year, but focus in the months of April and May on solely accepting the work of young writers for the prizes. For more information regarding submission at this time, please see the submission manager. Submissions for consideration outside of the specialized reading period should be submitted normally, in the Poetry (Young Writers) or Fiction (Young Writers) categories.