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The Lune Quarterly

From the Editor

The Lune is a reflective space in which to witness feats of identity, place and feeling. We share work that stems from a sense of wonder, delight in experiment, and concern for humanity. We believe that a publication so informed acts as a cultural balm against the literal-minded, commercially-driven objectives of modern media. Each quarterly issue for print features new works by three (or more) contemporary poets. Online, THE LUNE hosts exploratory essayism and ekphrasis ranging across themes and events in life and literature. It is too easy to dismiss the power of quiet, unspeakable things. We must celebrate those who speak beyond knowing, and honor that which develops quietly in the deep.


For publication online — contemplative essayism (ekphrasis, poetics, image+text, new journalism, hybridity). For publication in print — new collections/selections of poetry, no longer than 29.5 pages.


Editors Name Joseph Braun
Print publication? Yes
Circulation 100-500
Do you take online submissions? Yes
Submission Guidelines URL The Lune Quarterly Submissions 
Approx. Response Time? 2-4 weeks (confirmation); 1-3 months (final decision)
How often do you publish? Perpetually (online); quarterly (print)
Year Founded? 2015
Do you pay? No; contributors receive copies/subscriptions


Mailing Address:
2610 D Street #2
Sacramento, CA 95816